Ep. 2 – The Ick Factor

Episode 2 was recorded on November 11th – Veteran’s Day.  We want to thank all of our service men, past and present who sacrificed to serve our country. Thank you for what you do, and what you did.

In this episode we talk about how the new generation perceives computing devices and interacts with them. Are we old-timers doomed to the dustbin as a new generation grows up with touch and voice interfaces, and eschews keyboards and mice and laptops in favor of mobile computing.

We talk about the Amazon Echo – promising technology of the future or just another box to listen to you and feed marketers with gobs of useful information about what say around the Echo?

Finally we tackle home automation. Why is it so hard today and why can’t someone get it right? Rumors are swirling that Apple will push HomeKit hard at CES; can they finally crack the home automation puzzle and successfully bring it to the masses? We sure hope so!

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