Ep. 4 – Like a Monkey Flinging Poo

Will the Net Neutrality/Title II debate end? Not today as we discuss some updates to what the broadcasters are doing to try to prevent information about the rates and deals the content delivery companies pay for that content.

Can you be compelled to unlock your smartphone if you’re using a fingerprint? The State of Virginia (and the Supreme Court) seem to think so. We talk about why the literal letter of the law shouldn’t be used when the spirit of the law should apply.

Did anyone expect or predict that mobile tech would take over general computing so quickly? We look back at our last few shows and realize that mobile and cloud computing is rapidly becoming the norm, and laptops and desktops are on their way out. And what does it mean for the “keepers” of the cloud and the creators of the core hardware that runs all of these magic systems? Are we building up resources to keep designing and innovating new tech going forward?

Chromebooks & Google Apps are all the rage in public education these days. What does it mean for Microsoft that a huge number of people are going to be entering the workforce in the next 5 – 15 years who don’t really have MS Office experience (or care about it)?

We talk about what we love and, big surprise, both Jeff and I pick a gadget yet again.

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