Ep. 5 – Here Be Gremlins

SPOILERCAST! We talk about the book, “The Martian” by Andy Weir. If you haven’t read it yet you should jump ahead to the 30 minute mark!

We try to have a conversation about how we’re in a renaissance of scripted television. Dramas abound and viewers are flocking to great content… But here is where the gremlins came in and… well they nom nom-ed all of our conversation. We’re going to tackle this again in another upcoming episode – so stay tuned!

Why everybody gotta be a h8ter on everything? We have amazing access to content; books, TV, movies, music. We all have – basically – tricorders in our pockets. At the very least we all are carrying around our own HHGTTG book (I’m looking at you, Wikipedia!). We’re living in an amazing time and – gosh darn it – we need to pause to be more mindful and thankful about how amazing things are!

On the heels of Thanksgiving, we talk a bit about the phenomenon that is Black Friday. Deals abound, but at what cost? Okay, we will admit that we both want shiny new UHD TVs. Santa, are you listening?

Links: The Martian: A Novel

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