Ep. 6 – A Trillion Dollars

This episode makes Jacob feel old when he discovers Yik Yak, the latest hot social app among the collegiate crowd, and realizes it’s two 23-year-old founders have raised over 73 million dollars in under a year. All for an app that lets dumb kids be dumb.

Verizon locks you into your contract harder than ever! Big Red just changed their TOS to make early termination fees even more confusing and difficult to grok. Is it any surprise that the new rules favor VZW and no matter how you slice it, it’s now more expensive to get out of your contract?  And – dangnabit – just why are smartphones so expensive anyway?

Amazon’s Fire Phone’s fire sale! Is $199 enough to get you to bite on an unlocked GSM smartphone that includes a year of Amazon Prime in the price? And at 83 million in inventory, how many units of the darn things is Amazon sitting on anyway?

Got Milka-Cola? Yes, the leading purveyors of fizzy sugar-water are getting into the premium milk game. Jeff thinks is a smart move, and can’t get enough of that creamy, white gold.

Finally, when worlds collide… Will luxury watch makers & smart watches ever get along? Should the watch makers license their names, designs, and brands to Apple, LG, Samsung, and Google? Would you pay $10 to have a genuine Rolex face on your Android Wear or Apple Watch?

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