Ep. 8 – I’m coming for you, Lucas!

Can it be called a Christmas episode when there is almost no mention of Christmas in the episode? The guys say “Yes!” So Merry Christmas everyone; It’s the No Better Than Average Christmas Episode!

Hackers or Terrorists? The Guardians of Peace have forced Sony’s hand, and with basically every theater chain refusing to show The Interview, Sony has canned the project. Will they release it as video on demand? Was North Korea really behind the #GOP hacks?

Microsoft & HP are teaming up to bring out the Stream. A $240 “PC” that’s more like a Chromebook than a laptop. Its definitely the big brother to 2010’s netbooks which were underwhelming and died out almost as fast as they took the world by storm. Can Microsoft and HP find the secret to making a Chromebook killer? The biggest selling feature is that it “runs Office.” But is that still a strong selling point today?

Microsoft also previewed a bit of… well… magic. The Skype Translator. It will do real-time language translation between English and Spanish, and can translate to over 40 languages in text. What kind of impact will this have on business travel? What about just on shrinking the planet in general, and making it easier for us to communicate as a species? Microsoft’s R&D team never fails to make some amazing things – we just wish they would trickle out of R&D at a faster rate!

Why can’t movies be as good as they once were? Jeff is convinced that movies today are great, and that Jacob is just clinging to nostalgia. Jacob thinks Jeff is full of it, and that movies for kids and teens were way better in the 80s! Who’s right? You decide!

Rumor alert! Taco Bell might be offering shells made out of Fritos! Holy cow, please let this be a thing! Jacob and Jeff both concur; the world needs 100% more Frito-shell tacos!

Last; the guys discuss what they love. This week Jeff raves about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Jacob grooves to the year’s catchiest pop songs as remixed by DJ Earworm and Daniel Kim.


DJ Earworm: https://www.youtube.com/user/djearworm
Daniel Kim: https://www.youtube.com/user/kimaginati0n
TSO: http://www.trans-siberian.com/

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