Ep. 7 – Squeezing an Elephant Through a Garden Hose

Surprise, surprise; Yik Yak has some potentially serious security vulnerabilities. Do college students – their key demographic – even really care about privacy and security?

Radio Shack has announced plans to stop matching employee’s retirement contributions in February 2015. Remember when you could buy – you know – RADIOS and RADIO components at Radio Shack? Remember when you could go in and actually find a knowledgable associate who could point you to the racks of resistors, diodes, and ICs you needed for your project? How is Radio Shack still operating in 2014?

Grumpy Cat’s earnings over the last two years have surpassed $100,000,000.  Yep, a hundred million dollars. Good for the owner for capitalizing on the phenomenon, we guess.  But, darn, we really don’t want to live on a planet where a slightly deformed cat is earning fifty-million bucks a year!

Do you just love you some television? So do we; and we’re in a great time for scripted TV! The guys talk about all of the amazing shows on network and cable and how the non-traditional players are shaking up the industry. It’s no question that Netflix and Amazon original programming are disruptive, but what does the future have in store?

Everyone love their gadgets, but let’s face it; battery tech hasn’t kept pace with gadget tech. What’s the deal with our sub-par battery experience? We’re always hearing about amazing new battery tech that’s just around the corner, but no matter what, it never seems to get turned into a product and put into our power-hungry hands! Comon’ science, make with better batteries already!

Polaroid is making a new Instamatic, the Socialmatic. A $300 “camera” that shoots and prints on 2″ x 3″ plastic-y “paper”. Who thinks this is a good idea? Who even has photos developed in this day an age? Someone is betting on it, and  betting that those people are willing to drop tree-hunnert bucks for the privilege!

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