Ep. 9 – Need for Greed

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How was your year? Did you re-invest $56 billion back into yourself? No? Well Apple did! That’s right, Cupertino’s darling poured $56 billion of it’s massive cash reserves back into itself, buying back oodles of it’s own stock (much to Carl Icahn’s delight). And when you figure they’ve had a 45% return for the year, that’s a pretty smart investment.

After spending a little time with a Moto 360, Jacob grudgingly admits that smart watches may not be doomed to failure. In fact, he’ll go so far as to say they’re actually kind of spiffy. But, dang it, it’s another thing to charge each night. Comon’ battery tech, catch up! We’re just sayin’…

Count on those east-coast liberals to do whacky things; like provide municipally-backed, reasonably priced gigabit Internet access. Stop it, Connecticut! You’re killing us! Yep, 46 towns have banded together in Connecticut to create a public/private Internet service with the goal of providing gigabit service to residents at competitive prices! Hartford has never looked so good!

Ubisoft is sticking it to Assassin’s Creed season pass holders; sneaking in language in the agreement of the free DLC they received for the AC: Unity launch snafu that prevents season pass holders from EVER suing or joining a class action against the company. Oh yeah… and their heirs and kin, too.  You stay classy, Ubisoft!

And speaking of classy… Everyone’s favorite game studio, Electronic Arts (sarcasm definitely intended) is up to a whole new level of greed with their scamium… errr, we mean freemium game; Tetris Blitz. Not only are they begging you to purchase power-ups and coins between game play, now they’re actually pausing game play to show you ads.

Lastly we talk rooting Android. Why should you? How should you? What does it give you? Do your homework, ’cause if you’re not careful you’ll go from a smartphone with unlocked potential to a fancy, expensive brick faster than you can say “make a nandroid backup!”.

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