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Ep. 13 – Why’d it have to be snakes?

The guys agree, high resolution audio is the biggest hoodwink of the decade. Sure, you get all those extra bits and samples, but what good does it do you when you can’t hear the difference? You get the privilege of spending twice as much on music (or more) and you probably won’t every hear the difference. Save your money and get yourself a Spotify subscription – you’ll be happier in the end!

Jeff tells a story where he’s the biggest nerd in the room. Surprising or just par for the course?

Jacob rips the movie “Lucy” apart – what a horrible movie that seemed like it would be sooooooo good based on the trailers! To whom do you complain to get your hard-earned $5 back from a VOD fee when the movie is complete dreck? Amazon, you own him a refund!

The guys just can’t get enough drones! They talk about Skydio’s ( novel approach to super-smart drone software.  It’s really some amazing stuff these ex-Googlers are doing.

Windows 10 is going to be a free upgrade and “The Interview” is already out on Netflix. We’re not sure which we’re more excited about.  Honestly, it’s probably “The Interview”.

New Hampshire is making a scratch-off lottery ticket that smells like bacon when you scratch it. Even the losing tickets smell like winners!

Finally, Jeff gets passionate about cars and the future of automation, assisted driving features, and the coming full autonomy. Will you be able to snooze or play Candy Crush to and from your daily commute in less than a decade? Jeff thinks all signs point to yes!

Jacob loves his Boveda humidification packs – if you need to regulate the humidity of an enclosed space (like a wonderful, spanish cedar humidor filled with puros) then look no further!

Jeff loves his Big Skinny wallet. He can stuff it to the gills, and it stays slim and managable.

Ep. 12 – …and the quad goes wild!

Hey… have ya.. have ya heard about ‘des flyin’ quadcopter things?  They’re like, everywhere. Hot, hot, hot I tells ya.

Xiaomi dominates China and has – in a few short years – become the 3rd largest phone maker in the country (and 6th largest in the world).  We talk about ’em and their push to get quality phones into our grubby mitts for short money.

The Internet of Things is all up in yo grill! CES prooved that everything you buy will soon be networked.  Good idea?  Tough, it’s coming anyway!

Dish is taking the first major shot across the cable companies’ nose with their Sling TV service. Twelve channels, all online, for $20 a month?  Sounds good to us!

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Ep. 11 – Richard Holdman

We’d like to introduce our very first guest; Richard Holdman. Haven’t heard of him? That doesn’t surprise us, but we guarantee you’ve seen the video that’s made him an Internet star:

Richard is an extreme Christmas lighting enthusiast – he has one of those houses with a hundred-thousand lights all flashing and blinking in time to the music. No only is he a viral-video sensation on the ‘net, but he’s taken his hobby and turned pro. The last few years he’s moved from a light show on his house, to giant light shows in malls and public spaces around the world.

Richard talks to us about the hobby, issues with neighbors and HOAs, and going pro and taking his special talents around the world. If you want to get in touch with Richard about any lighting projects, his website is Holdman Lighting. You can also email him at or call 801-341-XMAS.

So why are we talking about Christmas lights in early January? Well, extreme Christmas light decorating is an interesting hobby, but it’s one that takes a lot of time. If you’re interested in the hobby you need to get started – like – yesterday. We’ve provided a bunch of links below to help get you started!

Richard’s tutorials/behind-the-scenes:

Ep. 10 – Sony Fails Again

It’s CES time again and that means rumors and demos of products that are perpetually “coming soon” that all promise to automate your house and make it smart. You know, the Smart Hometm and all that jazz… But are we really there yet? Is home automation for the masses yet? What about smart connected objects in your home? We talk about the foundation and give some jumping off points for getting your hands in home automation.

You know all that stuff you ordered online this past Christmas? Bet you a shiny nickle that you got free or nearly free shipping on your orders. Surprise, surprise! Free shipping isn’t really free. We talk about the retailers that are letting shipping costs erode their bottom line and how Amazon likely loses money on their Amazon Prime customers.

Sony has introduced a new WalkMan this year a CES, aimed squarely at the audiophiles out there. The problem? They prices the new WalkMan ZX2 at over a thousand bucks! Yep, you read that right; this new gizmo will play your 24-bit/192kHz audio files, but it’ll set you back $1,000 to do it. Oh, and it runs Android 4.2 in a 5.0 world.

And just to beat up on Sony a little more; The Interview grosses only $2.8m at the box office its opening weekend, but pulled in a whopping $15m in online streaming sales. All that against a rumored budget of $44m. And despite no iron-clad proof that North Korea was against the hacking on Sony, the Whitehouse signed new sanctions against the country via Executive Order on Friday. You know, just in case it the was the DPRK.

Last, but not least, Cyberdyne (yes, really) is asking the FDA to review and approve a new lifting support device that reportedly will give a 200 lb assist to help people pick heavy things up and carry them around. The device is really nifty and has all kinds of useful and practical applications, but – seriously – the company is named Cyberdyne. AND THEY’RE BUILDING ROBOTIC ASSISTANCE DEVICES! Skynet is coming, people.

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