Ep. 10 – Sony Fails Again

It’s CES time again and that means rumors and demos of products that are perpetually “coming soon” that all promise to automate your house and make it smart. You know, the Smart Hometm and all that jazz… But are we really there yet? Is home automation for the masses yet? What about smart connected objects in your home? We talk about the foundation and give some jumping off points for getting your hands in home automation.

You know all that stuff you ordered online this past Christmas? Bet you a shiny nickle that you got free or nearly free shipping on your orders. Surprise, surprise! Free shipping isn’t really free. We talk about the retailers that are letting shipping costs erode their bottom line and how Amazon likely loses money on their Amazon Prime customers.

Sony has introduced a new WalkMan this year a CES, aimed squarely at the audiophiles out there. The problem? They prices the new WalkMan ZX2 at over a thousand bucks! Yep, you read that right; this new gizmo will play your 24-bit/192kHz audio files, but it’ll set you back $1,000 to do it. Oh, and it runs Android 4.2 in a 5.0 world.

And just to beat up on Sony a little more; The Interview grosses only $2.8m at the box office its opening weekend, but pulled in a whopping $15m in online streaming sales. All that against a rumored budget of $44m. And despite no iron-clad proof that North Korea was against the hacking on Sony, the Whitehouse signed new sanctions against the country via Executive Order on Friday. You know, just in case it the was the DPRK.

Last, but not least, Cyberdyne (yes, really) is asking the FDA to review and approve a new lifting support device that reportedly will give a 200 lb assist to help people pick heavy things up and carry them around. The device is really nifty and has all kinds of useful and practical applications, but – seriously – the company is named Cyberdyne. AND THEY’RE BUILDING ROBOTIC ASSISTANCE DEVICES! Skynet is coming, people.

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