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Ep. 17 – Lou Mongello

Today we sit down and talk podcasting, following your passion, ans some Disney (and maybe a little tech) with Lou Mongello.

Who’s Lou? Good question.

Lou is an expert on all things Disney, he’s even written a couple of books about it. He’s also a full-time podcaster who abandoned the 9-to-5 rat race to follow his dreams. And people appear to like what he’s doing. He’s been voted best travel podcast every year since 2006, for his WDW Radio podcast. He’s also written Disney trivia books and travel guides.

If you’re at all interested in learning some real keys to jumping into your passions and turning it into your career then Lou really delivers. He talks about getting started and some of his struggles. And you can really tell that he’s super passionate about… well… everything!


Ep. 16 – The Curious Case of Barrett Brown

How big is the Android Wear market? Probably not as big as you might have thought. Out of 4.6m activity bands and smart watches shipped in 2014, only 720,000 were Android Wear devices. Ouch! Can Apple upset yet another industry when the Apple Watch launches in April?

Speaking of Apple… Apple Pay is in the air. Jet Blue is going to be accepting aPay this year on JFK->SFO and JFK->LAX flights for in-flight payments. Want that vodka and tomato juice? Go ahead and whip out your iPhone. It’s just a thumb-press away.  Maybe though; Jeff talks about his experiences with Apple Pay and it ain’t all roses and sunshine!

Need some cloud storage on the cheap? Hurry and sign up for Bing offers – it’s free and if you do so before February 28th, Microsoft will throw 100GB of free OneDrive storage your way. Two years, gratis, go and get yours!

Barrett Brown is a journalist. Barrett Brown has done some dumb things (like going on YouTube and threatening an FBI agent). Barrett Brown shared a hyperlink. And for that transgression – the DOJ sought to make his life just a little worse. Facing time in federal-pound-me-in-the-a$$-prison for the legitimately dumb things he’s done, the DOJ asked that his posting of a hyperlink be considered and extend his sentence. Yep, folks, sharing a link earned him more time in the pokey – and he’s starting a 63-month prison term.  You can thank the White House, because they favor expanding the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) which would make things like sharing your Netflix password a potential federal felony.  Be afraid, people; be very afraid.

Amazon is reporting huge numbers of new Prime customers in 2014 and is committed to investing even more in the now-$99 annual service. More content seems like a no-brainer, but what other treats might they have in store for customers in 2015?

Jacob loves his Swiss+Tech Utili-Key – it’s less than $7, fits on a keyring, and is just an all-around useful little tool. Link:

Jeff loves his Versus Thor Case for his iPhone. Link:

Ep. 15 – RadioShack, R.I.P.

The guys talk about the state of podcasting – why it’s so popular and what’s driving the growth. But is it really that big of a medium? What’s it take to have a top 10 show?

RadioShack, we hardly knew ye… This past week RadioShack announced it’s filing for bankruptcy protection and shuttering stores across America. And an unlikely tenant might be filling those stores… Sprint?  Yeah, that Sprint. The phone company. Will we be revisiting this headline in a few year with, “Sprint, we hardly knew ye…”?

Anthem was hacked. You know Anthem, that tiny health insurance company. Oh wait, we don’t mean tiny, we mean levithan-esque! Yeah, if you’re a customer or former customer (and for some reason you haven’t heard yet) you might want to see if you’re on of the 80 MILLION accounts that was compromised. We’re talking the full enchilada – name, address, social security number! Yikes!

We gotta’ grab-bag of stuff here for ya: Lego is making a 3000-piece Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarier, Windows 10 is going to be free for Raspberry Pi computers, Bitcoin is all but out of the news and almost at it’s 52-week low.

The guys talk about who they love this week (hey, it is Valentine’s week after all) and Jeff plans a TV-food-road-trip that has us salivating!


Ep. 14 – Insane Mode!

All-electric vehicles look (and sound) like waaaaay too much fun – and Jacob wants one right now!

Amazon is putting out a whole pile of new “Amazon Originals” pilots and we heartily recommend “Mad Dogs” – a re-interpretation of a BBC show of the same name. It was really good, and has a great cast; now, just give us more episodes, Amazon! Amazon also is dipping it toes into theatrical waters, and will be looking into releasing some movies in the theaters, with a goal of making a dozen a year (which, of course, will then come quickly to their Prime service).

Chris Pratt is rumored to be the next Indiana Jones; and they’ve finally set the all-female cast for a Ghostbusters reboot. Good idea(s)? Maybe. We like all of these actors, but we can’t help but worry what Hollywood might do to our beloved 80s icon movies.  Please, please, Hollywood – don’t eff things up!

Jeff is in love (lust?) with Microsoft’s new Hololens. And, rightfully so. It’s an amazing preview of technology that’s come out of Microsoft’s R&D labs and we’re ready for it to make it to our hot little fists, STAT!

Police are asking Waze to remove the “report police” feature to help ensure the “safety” of police. Yeah.  Right.

Google might start re-selling cell service and become the next big MVNO. Hurry, please!

The FCC quintuples the definition of broadband! It’s not a fix to all of our Internet woes, but it’s a good first step to maybe possibly hinting that they’ll bring an actual spine to the Title II talks that are coming up!

Jeff loves “As You Wish” – Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride –

Jacob loves Rostov’s Coffee – specifically a 50/50 blend of Colombian Excelso and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  Mmmmmmm, it’s the best cuppa he’s ever made at home (link: