Daily Archives: February 10, 2015

Ep. 15 – RadioShack, R.I.P.

The guys talk about the state of podcasting – why it’s so popular and what’s driving the growth. But is it really that big of a medium? What’s it take to have a top 10 show?

RadioShack, we hardly knew ye… This past week RadioShack announced it’s filing for bankruptcy protection and shuttering stores across America. And an unlikely tenant might be filling those stores… Sprint?  Yeah, that Sprint. The phone company. Will we be revisiting this headline in a few year with, “Sprint, we hardly knew ye…”?

Anthem was hacked. You know Anthem, that tiny health insurance company. Oh wait, we don’t mean tiny, we mean levithan-esque! Yeah, if you’re a customer or former customer (and for some reason you haven’t heard yet) you might want to see if you’re on of the 80 MILLION accounts that was compromised. We’re talking the full enchilada – name, address, social security number! Yikes!

We gotta’ grab-bag of stuff here for ya: Lego is making a 3000-piece Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarier, Windows 10 is going to be free for Raspberry Pi computers, Bitcoin is all but out of the news and almost at it’s 52-week low.

The guys talk about who they love this week (hey, it is Valentine’s week after all) and Jeff plans a TV-food-road-trip that has us salivating!

Links: http://www.tvfoodmaps.com/