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Ep. 22 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Jacob finds a modern movie that reminds him of those classic, 80s kids-in-charge movies, and recommends if you’re looking for a blast of nostalgia you check out Earth to Echo (now on Netflix).

Amazon throws down the glove in online cloud storage; offering unlimited cloud storage for only $59.99 a year. Yeah, you read that right… unlimited. No one else comes close, and Amazon will even let you kick the tires for free for 3-months.

Jeff brings an update on the availability of fiber internet & TV in his town. All is not quite as rosy as it seemed on first glance with the postcard.  Poor, sad, Jeff; he has to stay with Comcast (because he loves his TiVos too darn much).

Speaking of fiber, Google is rolling out an ad-tracking test in some of their Google Fiber cities. Interestingly, Google is planning to only charge advertisers when one of their ads is actually watched. And since Google tracks all that flows through their set-top boxes, they know when you’re watching the ads. What does this mean for the future of AD supported television?

Twitter launches its answer to Meerkat; Periscope. The live-streaming wars are heating up! Jacob doesn’t quite “get it”, but Jeff is all about the live streaming (mostly for Disney, ‘natch).

Apple patents a way to split light in its mobile camera sensors to separate red, blue, and green sensors. Is this tech coming in the next iPhone refresh this fall? Maybe. It could give higher apparently resolution with a smaller sensor, and it could give better low-light results with less noise and artifacts. Forget trying to cram a 20mp sensor into the iPhone 6S+, give us three 12mp sensors with their own color filters! Of course, Apple always likes to trend towards slimmer and smaller – so where does the extra space come from to cram the extra piecey-parts in?  Even Apple hasn’t been able to overcome physics… yet.

Lastly, all may not be rosy in Apple Pay land. There are some rumors that fraudulent transactions may be as high as 6%! That’s, like, 300 times the “normal” fraud rate of credit cards. So will Apple and the banks come together to find a way to reduce the potential for fraud, while still making setting up cards on your Apple Pay account a smooth and effortless process for the end user?

Ep. 21 – A Face Full of Donuts!

Didja’ ever dream you could smell like a musty library? With this new fragrance, you can!

Starbucks is going to start offering cold-brewed coffee in limited batches. The 24-hour process is supposed to create a smoother, less bitter taste while charming all of the money right out of your wallet!

Jeff talks all about his shiny, new toy; a 13″ MacBook Pro. Yes, Jacob is jealous. Yes the Force Touch Trackpad is amazing. Yes, you should get one! The guys also talk about the 2015 re-fresh from Google of the Chromebook Pixel. It’s a dollar shy of a thousand bucks, and other than Jeff Jarvis, just who exactly is Google targeting with this overpriced beauty?

Lastly, Jeff gets all up on his soap-box and rants and rants about a thing that bugs him.  Frankly, about a thing that bugs both of us. Sorry, fans, it’s gonna’ get all political up in here. We apologize in advance!

Ep. 20 – Scott Barrett

Today we sit down with Scott Barrett; a former BetaMouse co-host with Jeff, and all around interesting guy.

Scott hails from California where he’s worked for the likes of George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and currently at 2K Games where his team recently released Evolve.

Scott dished about working at the famous Skywalker Ranch, spending time working together with Francis Ford Coppola at his winery, and being on crunch-time for the last year-and-a-half to get Evolve out into the world.

Plus you know we have to talk a bit about the Apple Watch and the new MacBook because… Apple.

Jeff also gets some tips from Dennis in St. Louis on places to include in his upcoming road-foodie adventure!


Ep. 19 – Spring Forward

Rumors are swirling that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might be besting the iPhone. Fit and finish is supposed to be supremely nice, and early MWC demos of the camera are very appealing and appear to beat out the go-to phone-cum-camera, the iPhone 6+. Apple has historically had the best combination of camera hardware and camera software; can Samsung finally unseat the king?

Apple’s “spring forward” event was yesterday. Jeff predicted – and was, as usual, wrong – that Apple would be announcing that the Apple Watch would be available starting now! But, we now know that it won’t be available until April 24th. The prediction train ran right off the rails, maybe Jeff’ll have better luck next time!

Jeff’s hometown is sporting a rather cool Google event. The EdTechTeam Indiana Summit (head over to for details). It’s April 11th and 12th in Franklin, Indiana and is focused on using technology (especially Google’s tech) in the classroom and beyond. Way to go, Franklin, Indiana!

Rumors are that Apple will be pushing the Beats music app out to iOS devices, and that they will not be offering a free-tier of service. If you want to gorge from the buffet that is all-you-can-stream music courtesy of Beats, it’s going to cost you.  Of course, 9to5 Mac is predicting an $8-a-month price point, and Jeff is predicting that it’ll include everyone in your family at that price. If it does, we’re in like Flynn.

And more rumors swirl… If the FCC does put the kibosh on the Comcast/TWTC merger, BTIG Research thinks they may look at trying to acquire Netflix or even T-Mobile. The horror!

Jacob loves & is going to recommend you go play 1010! – and he demands you hold him harmless when you get completely addicted to this stupid, frustrating, demented puzzle game.  Links: iOS:!/id911793120?mt=8 & Android:

Jeff loves Everypost for managing his online social media empire. Link:

Ep. 18 – Glue This Podcast to Your Ears!

Listeners give us some feedback – and we thank them for listening!

In a 3-2 decision, the FCC overrules state laws barring municipality broadband in two cities! This is a very good thing for consumers. Sure, it’s not the whole country yet, but it’s a HUGE step in the right direction. Mad love, FCC. Mad love!

Toyota officially drops support for Apple’s Carplay in all Toyota vehicles. What?! Does this spell doom for the tech industry’s push into your dashboard? And, what the heck, Toyota? Do you really think you know better how to make a car infotainment system? Better than Google? Better than Apple?! We think not!

Twillio buys Authy – the 2-factor authentication tool we both use and love. Looks like Twillio might be on a hot streak, they’ve raised a ton of VC funding, and their CEO has gone from broke-startup-founder to half-billionaire in almost no time at all.  Please Twillio, don’t eff Authy up!  We love it too much!

Hey, wanna glue something to something else but aren’t sure what you need? You need – yeah, pick a this and pick a that and it’ll tell you the best possible way to bond those two items together. Freebie double bonus, if you the kind of savvy world traveler that does a lot of cyanoacrylate gluing, you need to pick up some Zip Kicker. What’s that you ask? It’s an accelerant that instantly cures and sets cyanoacrylate-based glues. You know, like Crazy Glue? Trust us, we’re experts.

Got a kid? They probably want (or have a smartphone). What’s the ever-cautious parent to do to keep tabs on them? The guys duke it out and Jacob has to concede that Jeff probably knows best (that jerk!).

Podcast Awards!

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And our tiny, little podcast is among the ten finalists.  Woah!

First off; THANK YOU, LISTENERS! We love doing the show for you guys. We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t there listening and sharing your precious time with us.  You’re all awesome!

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