Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Ep. 21 – A Face Full of Donuts!

Didja’ ever dream you could smell like a musty library? With this new fragrance, you can!

Starbucks is going to start offering cold-brewed coffee in limited batches. The 24-hour process is supposed to create a smoother, less bitter taste while charming all of the money right out of your wallet!

Jeff talks all about his shiny, new toy; a 13″ MacBook Pro. Yes, Jacob is jealous. Yes the Force Touch Trackpad is amazing. Yes, you should get one! The guys also talk about the 2015 re-fresh from Google of the Chromebook Pixel. It’s a dollar shy of a thousand bucks, and other than Jeff Jarvis, just who exactly is Google targeting with this overpriced beauty?

Lastly, Jeff gets all up on his soap-box and rants and rants about a thing that bugs him.  Frankly, about a thing that bugs both of us. Sorry, fans, it’s gonna’ get all political up in here. We apologize in advance!