Ep. 19 – Spring Forward

Rumors are swirling that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might be besting the iPhone. Fit and finish is supposed to be supremely nice, and early MWC demos of the camera are very appealing and appear to beat out the go-to phone-cum-camera, the iPhone 6+. Apple has historically had the best combination of camera hardware and camera software; can Samsung finally unseat the king?

Apple’s “spring forward” event was yesterday. Jeff predicted – and was, as usual, wrong – that Apple would be announcing that the Apple Watch would be available starting now! But, we now know that it won’t be available until April 24th. The prediction train ran right off the rails, maybe Jeff’ll have better luck next time!

Jeff’s hometown is sporting a rather cool Google event. The EdTechTeam Indiana Summit (head over to https://indiana.gafesummit.com/2015/ for details). It’s April 11th and 12th in Franklin, Indiana and is focused on using technology (especially Google’s tech) in the classroom and beyond. Way to go, Franklin, Indiana!

Rumors are that Apple will be pushing the Beats music app out to iOS devices, and that they will not be offering a free-tier of service. If you want to gorge from the buffet that is all-you-can-stream music courtesy of Beats, it’s going to cost you.  Of course, 9to5 Mac is predicting an $8-a-month price point, and Jeff is predicting that it’ll include everyone in your family at that price. If it does, we’re in like Flynn.

And more rumors swirl… If the FCC does put the kibosh on the Comcast/TWTC merger, BTIG Research thinks they may look at trying to acquire Netflix or even T-Mobile. The horror!

Jacob loves & is going to recommend you go play 1010! – and he demands you hold him harmless when you get completely addicted to this stupid, frustrating, demented puzzle game.  Links: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/1010!/id911793120?mt=8 & Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gramgames.tenten&hl=en

Jeff loves Everypost for managing his online social media empire. Link: http://everypost.me/

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