Podcast Awards!

You like us, you really, really like us!

Our head’s are spinning – we literally just found out that we’ve been nominated for a podcast award in the Technology category. We had no idea this was going to happen, and we’re up against some seriously good podcasts; Reply All, This Week in Tech, Security Now! to name a few.

And our tiny, little podcast is among the ten finalists.  Woah!

First off; THANK YOU, LISTENERS! We love doing the show for you guys. We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t there listening and sharing your precious time with us.  You’re all awesome!

Now the pitch (there had to be a pitch, right?)…  Starting March 3rd, please go to PodcastAwards.com and vote for us. You can vote every day, and the only gotcha is that you have to give them your email so they can verify you’re not a bot.

So here’s the deal; you go and vote for us (every day for double bonus points) and tell your friends to give us a listen and a vote. You do that and we’ll keep the shows coming.

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