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Ep. 26 – 5th Grade Zombie Slayers

Today we talk to Carl Smith & Jeffrey McLaurin – independent film makers from California – about what it takes to be an indy film maker, their passion about cinema and telling stories, and what kind of movies they love most (hint; it’s – like – all of the movies).

So who are these guys?

Carl Smith (writer, producer, director), a native of California, born and raised in San Diego. Took some video production classes in Community College, and has dabbled in various film projects here and there over the years. As much as he love filmmaking and wishes it was his fulltime job, his day job is as a Special Needs Caregiver of his twin brothers.

Jeffrey McLaurin (writer, producer, director), stems from North Carolina and graduated from UNCG with a BA in film. He made the move to California in 2008 to pursue work in film. His current day job is on a TRC Test Team at Sony Computer Entertainment.

Jeffrey & Carl connected over their love of filmmaking, and since they’ve both always worked on other people’s projects, they decided to team up and pursue something of their own. Their first endeavor is a project titled: ‘Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer.’ Assuming everything goes as planned, They’re looking to do a feature film this summer. It’s a coming of age drama set in the summer time about high school kids and superheroes.


Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer:

Watch the video here:

Ep. 25 – Double Shock Power!

This week we’re back, talking tech, and taking names.  Well, we’re talking tech at least…

We tackle a listener’s question and give them an excellent answer (if we do say so ourselves, and we do). Our listener needed to know a better way to make his Apple earbuds fit better and we found him some EarSkinz ( We also recommend a possibly DIY solution you can check out here:

We talk about all of the television shows that are being rebooted; Full House, Coach, Inspector Gadget, X-Files, and Twin Peaks. And we talk about some of the fantastic TV that’s out there right now. Like, Daredevil. If you haven’t watched it do yourself and favor and go watch it. And if you’ve watched it, well go watch it again!

Jacob also found a clever little show called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is definitely worth a look. It’s another Netflix original by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

Jeff is excited for a new Netflix sitcom coming May 8 titled “Grace and Frankie”. What? Another Netflix original? This one sports a superstar cast of: Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Short, Martin Sheen, and Sam Watterson. Seriously, it looks great.

Jeff is also excited about a project on Kickstarter right now – the Meld Smart Stove. It’s a combination temperature probe and knob controller that will keep a burner on your gas or electric stove at a steady temp with a degree range of accuracy. Perfect poached eggs, expertly seared meats, even cook-top sous vide is apparently possible with the Meld. You can find more details or back the project here:

We talk about Comcast promising to roll out “Gigabit Pro” service running at 2Gbps in Atlanta by the end of 2015. Should Google Fiber be worried? Can customers actually expect to get this level of performance from Comcast? And, darn-it, when are we going to get gigabit Internet speeds in our hometown? Comon’ Google, announce you’re coming to Indiana and at least force Comcast and Time Warner to increase the speeds locally!

Finally, Jacob talks about the rebooting of the Large Hadron Collider. It’s been offline since 2013 getting upgrades and it’s finally being started back up again. These new upgrades will give it double the power – raising the energies of the proton beams from 4Tev each to 6.5TeV. The new, upgraded, LHC will be able to smash particles together at 13.5TeV – up from the 8TeV that allowed them to confirm the Higgs boson actually exists. We don’t know what new and exciting things they’ll be able to find at these higher energies, but we can’t wait to find out. Does anyone know a particle physicist that wants to come on and school us on all things particle physics?

Jacob loves his Vector Thunderbird Butane Insert which fits nicely in a Zippo case and gives an awesome jet of flame every time you click the button. No more dried out Zippo lighters when you’re packing a butane insert. Get yours from Amazon here:

Jeff loves his Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface. If you’re podcasting (or thinking about it) or just want an excellent, bulletproof audio interface for your PC you should check this one out:

Ep. 24 – Mike Rahlmann

Today we’re sitting down with Disney aficionado, Internet radio broadcaster, and podcaster extraordinaire, Mike Rahlmann.

Mike lives in St Louis, Missouri with his wife and two daughters. Mike is an avid runner and is constantly getting out there, running all over town. Ever the competitor, he’s wrangled his tribe to compete for fitness and steps and managed to lose a boatload of weight in the process.  He hosts the Be Our Guest podcast and runs Magical Mouse Radio, a Live 365 station that plays Disney music all-day, every-day.   

We talked to Mike about Disney, what it’s like running an online radio station plus hosting a podcast that puts out three episodes each week. We also talked tech – lots and lots of tech.

You can follow Mike on Twitter (@BeOurGuestMike) or on Instagram, and you can email Mike at

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Ep. 23 – Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

Jeff insists the title of this episode makes sense. So, there you go, fans. What say you?

We dive into a shallow rabbit hole about movies – Jeff recounts some of the highlights of his recent road trip/foodie trip to Kansas City and makes Jacob hungry in the process!

SSDs are the future, but could we soon be seeing 10TB SSDs? Heck yeah! New multi-layer NAND technology might bring us a 2.5″ drive package packing a whopping 10TB of density by the end of the year, and we could be looking at package the size of a pack of gum that packs 3.5TB of storage. Is that amazing or what?

Need a cheap and easy way to add a USB charging port to an outlet? Check out the SnapPower Charger from SnapPower. Currently their kickstarter campaign is underway with $566,000 (and growing) pledged against a $35,000 goal. Very clever if you need a super-simple way of adding a charging port to an existing outlet. Link:

Have you heard about the Amazon Dash? It’s a tiny-ish, Internet connected button, that when pressed will order that item to which it’s tied on Amazon. Two days later, hey presto – you’ve got stuff on your porch. Jacob’s girlfriend is all kinds of excited about the idea of never going to the store for toilet paper again. Jeff is rather “meh” on the idea. What say you, NBTA fans? Great idea or way overrated?

Walmart is bashing the credit card banks for delaying true chip & pin systems, and saying the proposed chip & signature systems aren’t any better than what we have today. Somehow this discussion leads us way off topic to federally funded and provided 2-factor authentication fobs and a complete re-working of how American’s are identified. Yeah – we kind of went there.

Jeff can’t get his head around Reddit’s The Button and Jacob’s not really doing such a great job of explaining it to him. Any Redditors out there want to give it a shot helping us make sense of this thing?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 is looking sexier by the minute (despite bending at the exact same amount of weight as the iPhone 6). Jeff taunts Jacob and tries to get him to commit to switching, can he be strong and resist the all-glass-and-2560×1440-resolution-beauty? It’s tempting!

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