Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

Ep. 23 – Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City

Jeff insists the title of this episode makes sense. So, there you go, fans. What say you?

We dive into a shallow rabbit hole about movies – Jeff recounts some of the highlights of his recent road trip/foodie trip to Kansas City and makes Jacob hungry in the process!

SSDs are the future, but could we soon be seeing 10TB SSDs? Heck yeah! New multi-layer NAND technology might bring us a 2.5″ drive package packing a whopping 10TB of density by the end of the year, and we could be looking at package the size of a pack of gum that packs 3.5TB of storage. Is that amazing or what?

Need a cheap and easy way to add a USB charging port to an outlet? Check out the SnapPower Charger from SnapPower. Currently their kickstarter campaign is underway with $566,000 (and growing) pledged against a $35,000 goal. Very clever if you need a super-simple way of adding a charging port to an existing outlet. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snappower/snappower-charger-a-usb-charger-in-a-coverplate-no

Have you heard about the Amazon Dash? It’s a tiny-ish, Internet connected button, that when pressed will order that item to which it’s tied on Amazon. Two days later, hey presto – you’ve got stuff on your porch. Jacob’s girlfriend is all kinds of excited about the idea of never going to the store for toilet paper again. Jeff is rather “meh” on the idea. What say you, NBTA fans? Great idea or way overrated?

Walmart is bashing the credit card banks for delaying true chip & pin systems, and saying the proposed chip & signature systems aren’t any better than what we have today. Somehow this discussion leads us way off topic to federally funded and provided 2-factor authentication fobs and a complete re-working of how American’s are identified. Yeah – we kind of went there.

Jeff can’t get his head around Reddit’s The Button and Jacob’s not really doing such a great job of explaining it to him. Any Redditors out there want to give it a shot helping us make sense of this thing?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 is looking sexier by the minute (despite bending at the exact same amount of weight as the iPhone 6). Jeff taunts Jacob and tries to get him to commit to switching, can he be strong and resist the all-glass-and-2560×1440-resolution-beauty? It’s tempting!

WindowStickerLast bit of news – we have some baller window stickers available! Want one?  It’s easy – go and leave a review for us on iTunes and then send a screenshot to feedback@nobettershow.com – first five people to do so will get one of these beauties for their car, notebook, to stick right on their forehead. You know, whatever. Women will love you and men will want to be you when you’re rocking a NBTA sticker and FREE is a tough price to beat!