Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

Winner winner, sticker dinner!

You know what’s missing in your life? An awesome No Better Than Average sticker, that’s what!

And we can help you fix that, easy as pie!

Here’s what you gotta do, head over to iTunes and give us a review, then send an email with a screenshot and your mailing address to feedback@nobettershow.com. If you’re one of the first 5 people do to it, we’ll send you an awesome sticker!

What can you do with your awesome, NBTA sticker? Well, you could put it on your laptop or stick it on your car window. You could plaster it on your fridge or maybe your lunchbox. There are literally tens-of-things you could do with such an amazing sticker.

Plus, it’s free! How much better can it get?  So go on, give us that review (you know you want to, anyway) and get a sticker!

See, told you it was easy.