Ep. 26 – 5th Grade Zombie Slayers

Today we talk to Carl Smith & Jeffrey McLaurin – independent film makers from California – about what it takes to be an indy film maker, their passion about cinema and telling stories, and what kind of movies they love most (hint; it’s – like – all of the movies).

So who are these guys?

Carl Smith (writer, producer, director), a native of California, born and raised in San Diego. Took some video production classes in Community College, and has dabbled in various film projects here and there over the years. As much as he love filmmaking and wishes it was his fulltime job, his day job is as a Special Needs Caregiver of his twin brothers.

Jeffrey McLaurin (writer, producer, director), stems from North Carolina and graduated from UNCG with a BA in film. He made the move to California in 2008 to pursue work in film. His current day job is on a TRC Test Team at Sony Computer Entertainment.

Jeffrey & Carl connected over their love of filmmaking, and since they’ve both always worked on other people’s projects, they decided to team up and pursue something of their own. Their first endeavor is a project titled: ‘Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer.’ Assuming everything goes as planned, They’re looking to do a feature film this summer. It’s a coming of age drama set in the summer time about high school kids and superheroes.


Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer: https://www.facebook.com/TalesOfA5thGradeZombieSlayer

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIb85pUeyHE

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