Ep. 30 – Van Jovi (or Bon Halen)

This week the guys talk about where we get some of our odder medicines. Jeff finds one derived from lizard spit and tells Jacob about one from an even odder source. We’ll give you a hint if you’re a research-minded person; it’s called menopur and it was originally found in quite an unusual source.

Jacob finds a story about a lady who’s employer demanded she install a tracking app and then proceeded to track her whereabouts all the time. As in, 24×7, and the boss even went so far as to brag about how he knew her exact whereabouts and speed she was traveling in her vehicle while on her own time! Hopefully that lawsuit check comes in for her any day now…

Listener mail! Jeff and Jacob tackle two listener’s questions this week and provide at least a half of a solid answer. They leave it to you, dear listener, to figure out which half-an-answer is the right one.

Scientists find the first warm-blooded fish! Apparently that evolution gives it the ability to be a swift and vigorous predator. And you won’t believe this; it’s not even from Australia!

Beats rumors are swirling and The guys talk Spotify, Google All-Access Music, and streaming music services in general. Jeff’s never tried one, but Jacob is bullish on streaming music. Plus there is a heck of a rabbit-hole about who’s the better band; Bon Jovi or Van Halen (hint; it rhymes with Can Whalen).

Finally, KFC rolls out a bluetooth keyboard tray so you don’t get your phone or table all greasy while noming on some chicken. Sorry ‘Muricans, Germany only (for now). Brilliant or disgusting? We’re not quite sure, but we both agree that Chicken Little sandwiches from KFC are pretty killer.

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