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Ep. 35 – Savior of the Universe

This week the guys battle technical issues and overcome Internet gremlins to bring home another episode!

It’s the last show to get your #OneSong suggestions in – Jeff is busy compiling our first user-generated playlist to share with all of our listeners!

T-Mobile might have an iPhone problem. Specifically lots and lots of customers were reporting that their iOS devices on T-Mobile’s network were crashing with a “blue screen of death” this past week. In typical spin, spin, spin style, neither Apple nor T-Mobile commented on what may have caused the issue and didn’t even admit there was an issue. The closest the Internet got was a mention from T-Mobile’s Twitter account that they were “getting a lot of calls”.  Sheesh, thank’s a lot uncarrier! /sarcasm

The first nuclear plant in the US is under construction.  Yep, ever-nuclear-scared America is finally dipping its toes back into the fission waters; for the first time since 1979 when we had a little mishap called the Three Mile Island accident. Scheduled for reactors to start coming online in 2018, the Vogtle plant in Georgia will be the first new nuclear plant opened in the States in over 35 years. Sporting four Westinghouse AP1000 reactors (each capable of generating 1,110MW of power) when the plant is fully operational it’ll provide power for 1.5 million homes and eliminate over 10 million metric tons of carbon from the air annually.

Listener Dennis writes in with a question about some problems he’s having with the brand new Google Photos app. Specifically, it’s killing his network at home. Yikes!

Jacob talks about a new novel, Armada, coming soon from Earnest Cline (of Ready Player One fame). If you’re a fan of Ready Player One, or grew up in the 80s, make sure to stick this one in your wishlist and check it out!

Jeff talks about his upcoming brush with fame meeting man-of-legend, Mr. Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones. Coming to the artsy theater in Jeff’s home town for a special screening of Flash Gordon, Jones is doing a meet ‘n greet and a Q&A. One of Jeff’s childhood heroes – how exciting!

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Ep. 34 – (no) Self Control

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This week the guys talk about Pope Francis’ missive on climate change. He’s a kinder, gentler, more science-y pope. Huzzah!

Microsoft’s own Skype team has announced that they’re abandoning Windows Everywhere and going back to being a plain ‘ol Win32 app.  What does this mean for the future of Microsoft’s write-once-run-anywhere game plan when their own keystone software projects and products aren’t using it?

Jeff argues that there is evidence that cops are safer than ever before, crime is on the decline, and – gosh darnit – people are just nicer.  Jacob thinks it might be a bunch of hooey, but a new study seems to back Jeff up!

The guys finally break down and buy Apple Watches – you just knew it was only a matter of time before that happened. They talk about what they love about the Apple Watch, what could be better, and where they hope Apple goes. They both picked up the 42mm Apple Watch Sport edition (if you were curious).

Misfit Wearables provides the guys with a Misfit Shine activity and fitness tracker for a review. After spending time with it the guys give it their seal of approval. It’s a tiny, fully waterproof, and downright elegant activity tracker that’ll only set you back about $75. Misfit manages to pack A LOT of features and style into a little package with not too many drawbacks. Their verdict; if you’re in the market for a wearable, give the Misfit Shine a seriously hard look. Keep listening to a future episode to learn how you can enter to win a Misfit Shine of your very own!

Lastly, the guys talk about what they love.

Ep. 33 – Nate Parrish

This week the guys welcome former BetaMouser, WEDWay Radio podcaster, and t-shirt magnate, Mr. Nate Parrish. Nate comes to hang with us as we talk about all of the big (and not so big) announcements at Apple’s 2015 WWDC.

We are also stoked to get your choices of your one song rolling in! Keep ’em up everyone!

There was so much to talk about out of Apple’s nearly 3-hour long keynote: A whole new OS X coming – El Capitan! Lots of polishing and some pretty fancy tweaks to iOS 9. Apple is already announcing Watch OS 2 with some (in our opinion) should-have-been-there-at-launch features – but better late than never, right?

We also talk a length about Apple’s new music service that’s rolling out at the end of June. Both Jeff and Jacob are pretty stoked about that and plan on switching immediately. With all of the deep Siri integration, 20+ million tracks, curated playlists, and a 6-user family plan for only $15 a month what’s not to love?

We talk to Nate about how his company, The Imperial Shirt Company, can help podcasters find a way to monetize their creation and include their community in a cool and exclusive way to represent the shows that they love.

Nate is also one of the hosts of WEDWay Radio – a podcast that explores the cultural implications of Disney history. Check it out online at:

Find Nate’s shirt company online at:

Ep. 32 – Desert Island Song

Problems with episode 32 abound, from hosts having a really rough week to audio gremlins that insist on spreading snap, crackle, and pop through Jeff’s audio. Can we just skip to episode 33 and be done with this one already? Please??

This week the guys talk about what their “desert island song” is – and ask (beg) you, the listener, to write, tweet, or call in with yours so they can build a NBTA playlist and share it with the world.

They talk about the presidential candidate who’s coming out swinging in favor of the metric system (yay!). And the guys learn about the still-in-place “chicken tax”.

Jeff learns us (a little) about some pretty interesting stem cell research being done with hydrogels.

The guys talk about the new VirScan blood test that promises to tell you every virus you’ve ever had in your life for the low, low price of about $25.  Just wait until the hospitals get that test, it’ll suddenly cost $2,500 – mark our words!

If you’re over 40 and live in the UK, there’s a simple questionnaire you can answer that will tell your chances of dying in the next five years.

So all-in-all a pretty mediocre episode. Come back next week, they promise it’ll be better!

Ep. 31 – For a Good Prime Call…

What do white girls and prime numbers have in common? They literally can’t even…

Oh math puns, how we love thee!

This week the guys stray from their normal love of Apple and Amazon to shower and praise the recent announcements from Google and last week’s I/O conference. Android M is coming, along with Google Everywhere, and major announcements in the world of V.R.

And it all looks amazing. It sounds that way at least.  Some of the potentially huge announcements in the upcoming Android M include refining application permissions to hopefully make it a lot easier (and less intimidating for non-techies) to figure out what an application will need to access on your mobile device to function.

Chrome is going to be fully baked into the OS as the defacto web browser! No more relying on potentially buggy or outdated browsers when calling and viewing web content outside of Chrome itself.

A new and improved “dozing” system will put your mobile device into a deeper sleep and learn when it needs to refresh based on how you use your device. That means much longer standby time and battery life. Google is claiming up to a 2x increase in battery life with this deep-sleep scheme in Android M versus Android L.

Google Now on Tap – context-aware Google Now cards will be available anywhere in Android M by merely holding down the home button for a moment!

Google Photos is now offering free, UNLIMITED storage for all photos under 16mp in size and video 1080p or lower in resolution. And added to this is Google amazing photo recognition engine that allows you to search your photos based on content in the actual photo itself! Magic!

There’s also Android Everywhere, Android Pay, and new V.R. initiatives that are coming that look equally impressive.

Jeff loves his Shure SE215 in-ear monitors (

Jacob loves the Internet-short Kung Fury. Seriously, go watch it!