Daily Archives: June 30, 2015

Ep. 35 – Savior of the Universe

This week the guys battle technical issues and overcome Internet gremlins to bring home another episode!

It’s the last show to get your #OneSong suggestions in – Jeff is busy compiling our first user-generated playlist to share with all of our listeners!

T-Mobile might have an iPhone problem. Specifically lots and lots of customers were reporting that their iOS devices on T-Mobile’s network were crashing with a “blue screen of death” this past week. In typical spin, spin, spin style, neither Apple nor T-Mobile commented on what may have caused the issue and didn’t even admit there was an issue. The closest the Internet got was a mention from T-Mobile’s Twitter account that they were “getting a lot of calls”.  Sheesh, thank’s a lot uncarrier! /sarcasm

The first nuclear plant in the US is under construction.  Yep, ever-nuclear-scared America is finally dipping its toes back into the fission waters; for the first time since 1979 when we had a little mishap called the Three Mile Island accident. Scheduled for reactors to start coming online in 2018, the Vogtle plant in Georgia will be the first new nuclear plant opened in the States in over 35 years. Sporting four Westinghouse AP1000 reactors (each capable of generating 1,110MW of power) when the plant is fully operational it’ll provide power for 1.5 million homes and eliminate over 10 million metric tons of carbon from the air annually.

Listener Dennis writes in with a question about some problems he’s having with the brand new Google Photos app. Specifically, it’s killing his network at home. Yikes!

Jacob talks about a new novel, Armada, coming soon from Earnest Cline (of Ready Player One fame). If you’re a fan of Ready Player One, or grew up in the 80s, make sure to stick this one in your wishlist and check it out!

Jeff talks about his upcoming brush with fame meeting man-of-legend, Mr. Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones. Coming to the artsy theater in Jeff’s home town for a special screening of Flash Gordon, Jones is doing a meet ‘n greet and a Q&A. One of Jeff’s childhood heroes – how exciting!

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