Ep. 38 – Holy Grail Gadgets

Jeff wants to federalize the Internet.  Have we got your attention yet?  This last week the President mentioned in a speech that access to the Internet is no longer a nicety, it’s a necessity – and we agree! If you look at breakdowns by race, you can see that minority households lag far behind in Internet access. There are some Federal program to bring Internet into certain qualifying homes with school-aged children, but should we be doing more?

This last week Jeff had a stalker. Have you checked your social media privacy settings recently? No? Well you should go and do that right now. If you’re not careful, you could be broadcasting your location to the world.  Well, to your social media world at any rate. Jeff turned out to be broadcasting his location through Google Plus despite the fact he didn’t have Google Plus installed on his phone. So go check those settings, people!

What was the greatest piece of failed tech? Debates could rage long and hard on this topic, but we can all agree that at some point we’ve all lusted after some piece of “holy grail” tech that ended up falling on it’s face… hard. Jacob lusted after a BeBox and a NeXT cube. Jeff’s family invested big time into Betamax. So what was your piece of failed holy grail tech?

Freaky-smart science people at IBM have given Watson the ability to read your email and sense your emotional state. Yes, Jeopardy-winning-medical-case-scanning-supercomputer Watson can now read text you’ve written and judge your emotional state. Heck, it can even give you suggestions to make your prose more open, friendly, or agreeable! Is this the beginning of the end for mankind?

Amazon’s Prime Day 2015 was such a smashing success that they’re talking about doing it again. And again. And again. Because we’ve proven that we’re a sucker for anything on a lightening-round-deal! Bigger than last year’s Black Friday, Prime Day brought in an absurd number of sales to Amazon. The guys are breaking down some of the specifics on the show, and it might just blow your mind!

Heck, these show notes are pushing 500+ words and we still have stuff to talk about. All this and more can be yours if the No Better Than Average show is right… in your ears.  Seriously, just go listen to it already!

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