Ep. 39 – Inverse Phase

This week we talk to Brendan Becker, known by his stage name Inverse Phase, an American video game composer and chiptune musician (using Atari, Commodore, and Nintendo hardware). He also speaks and hosts workshops on video game music, chiptunes, and composing.

Phase came on to talk to us about the process of creating his hardware-perfect music, why so many of the “8-bit remixes” you see online are crappy fakes, and why he’s passionate about doing things the way he does.

His knowledge of classic-era hardware is impressive and even left us with our heads spinning! A true geek in every sense of the word (and we mean that in the BEST possible way!).

He’s composed original game music as well as some damn amazing covers. Jeff and Jacob both particularly love his tribute album to Nine Inch Nails; Pretty Eight Machine (http://inversephase.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-eight-machine-se).

You can find all things Inverse Phase on the Interwebz at http://www.inversephase.com/ – check out his Bandcamp page and give him some love in the form of monetary support.  He’s a cool guy doing cool stuff with cool hardware.

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