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Ep. 43 – Chris Eliopoulos


This week the guys talk to Chris Eliopoulos – a well known letterer & creator of the comic Misery Loves Sherman. He’s come on the show to talk comics, art, following your passions, and some tech geekery

He designed the in-house fonts for Marvel Comics & he and his team at Virtual Calligraphy do a massive amount of lettering for Marvel. He has also provided lettering work to Valiant Comics, DC Comics, and more. For Dark Horse Comics, he wrote and drew some stories for Star Wars. Yeah. Star-freaking-Wars.

He has worked on literally thousands of comics. But along with that, he is also the author/artist of many comics, including the popular series Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers and Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius

Recently he’s been working with Brad Meltzer on a series of children’s books called Ordinary People Change The World (

Not only is he insanely talented, but he’s a super-cool and down to earth guy and we were thrilled to get some of his time to bring him on the show.

Follow Chris’s work at any one of the fine links below:

This week the guy’s love some stuff, and Chris gives a solid recommendation as well:

Jeff loves his Anker 4-port USB 3.0 Hub:

Jacob loves his SpeakStick USB Shower Speaker:

And Chris recommends the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris:–/dp/0062265431/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1440463370&sr=8-1&keywords=10%25+happier

Ep. 42 – A Brush with Dinklage

Ep42BannerThis week the guys are back with another tech-filled episode! They talk about CGI nudity (all the boobs you see, are not necessarily the boobs you think you’re seeing!). They also talk about the modern installment of the classic Sierra Entertainment title King’s Quest.

And did you know that the NFL will be using RFID to track players anywhere on the field in real-time this year? You think fantasy football is overwhelming with stats now!  They’ll be able to do things like track total yardage moved by any player and separate out things like forward movement, lateral movement, and even loss of ground and show all of it as a nifty data/graphics packages with about 45-seconds notice.

Tesla has a new (likely, human-enslaving) robot arm that will automatically find your Tesla Motor’s “fuel” port, and plug itself in when you park in the garage. No word on price, but we’re guessing if you have the scratch for a Tesla, you’re probably not going to be sweating the robot too awful much!

Amazon’s Dash buttons are finally available, proving finally that it wasn’t all just an elaborate April Fool’s joke. You can get one of 18 Dash buttons that will – with a click – send a barrage of national-branded goods like toilet paper, granola, and laundry detergent right to the comfort of your home. Will they catch on? Only time will tell. The guys are skeptical, but Jacob’s girlfriend is pretty bullish on the idea!

A major Android vulnerability was found a couple of weeks ago that affects just about every Android device on the planet. To make matters worse, because of the absolutely lousy support most handset manufacturers and carriers provide, experts are estimating that only between 20% and 50% of legacy devices will ever see a patch or an update to fix the problem. Something is seriously broken with the currently model where the manufacturers and carriers seem to have the lion’s share of power in whether or not vital and critical updates and patches make it to end-users, but what’s the solution?

Jeff loves his Allsop Laptop Stand:

Jacob can’t find enough good things to say about the Uni-ball Jetstream RT ballpoint pen. Voted best ballpoint pen by Wirecutter!

Ep. 41 – Pretty Fly…

The guys are back with an all-host, all-tech show this week!

Jeff talks about his new job and Jacob laments some of the cool new perks that Jeff gets that he doesn’t!

Jacob does a quick GenCon 2015 recap – whatdayaget when 61,000 nerds all gather in one location? Some board-game-playing, dice-slinging, card-turning, celeb-spotting fun, that’s what.  Jacob is sad he didn’t happen to catch a glimpse of Wil Wheaton who was wandering around during the con.

Amazon unveils their new “Prime Household” features that let two adults and up to four children at the same location all take advantage of all the Prime goodness that Amazon offers.

The guys talk R&D spending by companies as well as who’s pulling in the biggest revenue of them all. It’s probably not going to surprise you who’s the #1 spot in annual revenue, but it might surprise you what the number is.

Jeff gets excited about the new Moto X Style from Motorola. It’s one darn sexy looking Android device. Can it’s lust-worth specs unseat Jeff from his new-ish iOS throne? If ever a device could, it’s probably the Moto X Style.  Jacob is more excited about the new – and très affordable – Moto G. $179 out the door and you get a heckuva phone for not much moolah.

Ep. 40 – Joshua Done

This week we’re talking to Joshua Done, author of the Hyperion Empire world which is a hugely planned out saga stretching across a planned empire of books, graphic novels, and MMO online games!

Joshua Done was born in Long Beach California and grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State. He recently finished his Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan. During his last year of College Joshua developed the world of the Hyperion Empire and wrote his first novel, the Exile Empire. When not working, studying, or writing Joshua is known to hang around local coffee shops and is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things caffeine.

We talked to Joshua about his growing world of books, his plans for the Hyperion Empire as well as other worlds and series he has outlined.  We also talked about his process of writing and creating his stories and worlds as well as general Sci-Fi and Fantasy geekery.