Ep. 41 – Pretty Fly…

The guys are back with an all-host, all-tech show this week!

Jeff talks about his new job and Jacob laments some of the cool new perks that Jeff gets that he doesn’t!

Jacob does a quick GenCon 2015 recap – whatdayaget when 61,000 nerds all gather in one location? Some board-game-playing, dice-slinging, card-turning, celeb-spotting fun, that’s what.  Jacob is sad he didn’t happen to catch a glimpse of Wil Wheaton who was wandering around during the con.

Amazon unveils their new “Prime Household” features that let two adults and up to four children at the same location all take advantage of all the Prime goodness that Amazon offers.

The guys talk R&D spending by companies as well as who’s pulling in the biggest revenue of them all. It’s probably not going to surprise you who’s the #1 spot in annual revenue, but it might surprise you what the number is.

Jeff gets excited about the new Moto X Style from Motorola. It’s one darn sexy looking Android device. Can it’s lust-worth specs unseat Jeff from his new-ish iOS throne? If ever a device could, it’s probably the Moto X Style.  Jacob is more excited about the new – and très affordable – Moto G. $179 out the door and you get a heckuva phone for not much moolah.

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