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Ep 48 – The iPhone Cometh


This week the guys (like every one else) are talking about the new iPhone 6S & 6S+.

Jeff stayed up late to order his and got his grubby mitts on it day-one, while Jacob still hasn’t committed and pulled the trigger on that nine-hundred-dollar-beauty just quite yet.

They also give a rundown of some of the new features of iOS9 and what they think is well done and what still needs some attention (you’re listening; right, Apple?).

They’re also talking about Fox planning to bring over 100 movies to the coming Oculus Rift VR Cinema that’s set to launch; and the coming Oculus Rift that’s supposed to be available Q1 2016. Does it make sense? Who’s this targeted at? What’s going on in this crazy, crazy world?!

Jeff dusts off an old video game fave and plays with his kid (away at college), and recommends a great web site if you want to find a hard-to-score iPhone 6S/6S+ until the stocks build back up:

Jacob loves his RioRand 4 Mode 1200 Lumen CREE XML T6 Bulb LED Bicycle bike lamp – a score for about $20 from Amazon:

Ep. 47 – An Apple a Day…


Jacob’s finally back from surgery and among the land of the living (if you can call it living!).

It’s new music playlist time and we want your quintessential 80s song. What takes you back to spandex, neon, and new wave? Maybe a little Tears for Fears, or Cyndi Lauper? Or possibly some Ah Ha or Oingo Boingo? Let us know what one song is yours from the decade for our new playlist!

This week the guys catch up on all they missed from Apple’s big announcement on September 9th.

They’re talking the new iPad Pro, whether Apple’s new Apple TV is going to be a hit or a miss (and whether Apple will ever get it right with the Apple TV platform). They’re also talking about the new iPhone, natch, and a whole bunch of other Apple announcement related tidbits.  If you’re not an Apple fan, this isn’t the podcast episode for you. You’ve been warned! :-)

Jeff loves the album 1989 by Ryan Adams

Jacob loves his MoKo Soft Silicone Sports Bands for the Apple Watch:

Ep. 46 – Wolfman Jake & Howlin’ Jeff


This week the guys fill-in with potentially out-of-date stories while Jacob recovers from his surgery. Oh, sure, they would much rather be talking about the big Apple announcement from last week, but things don’t always work out that way now do they?

Instead, they’re talking about the new Apple Pay approved payment/merchant system called PayAnywhere. It’s a slick little system that lets small merchants accept credit card payments AND wireless system payments like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and the new chip-and-signature cards that are coming soon.

They also talk about Google new project called OnHub. A $200 uber-router that Google’s best and brightest are saying will “just work” (to steal a page out of Apple’s PR book). It’s built by TP-Link, but powered by Google and features some pretty impressive specs; dual core CPU, 4GB of storage, a gigabyte of RAM, and thirteen (count ’em, THIRTEEN) antennas!

Jeff finds a vaping update! The UK public health department has come out and said that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco products. However, public perception is way off of this information with almost a quarter of people thinking that e-cigs and vaping is worse for your health than smoking tobacco products. Think the FDA will ever admit this? The guys debate why or why not.

There are rumors swirling that Amazon may be bringing a six inch, $50 table out in time for the holidays. Is it true? If it was, would it be a success?

The content police may have a DRM problem – it appears that the first episode of Breaking Bad has been posted online in full 4K glory, and comes with a text file attached claiming that it was ripped from Netflix over a HDCP 2.2 HDMI link. If that’s true, it’s very bad news for content creators who are starting to release UHD content and had felt safe that HDCP was going to keep their content all walled up and “safe”. Hackers find a way, but would you download the 18gb file when you could just legally stream it from Netflix for $12 a month? The pain-to-reward ratio seems a little skewed to us on this one.

Jeff loves his Olymput 18mm-180mm f/3.5 – f/6.3 Micro Four-Thirds lens:

Jacob loves his Stanley 66-344 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver:

Ep. 45 – Laser Ball!


This week the guys talk some medical tech because Jacob is going in for surgery. What better way to confront your fears than by obsessively researching all of the details and telling the world about it on a very public forum?

Your worst songs have finally been compiled and put into one terrible playlist! Go check out what your fellow NBTA listeners hate in the world of music:

Amazon finally listened to Jeff and made the Dash buttons “free” – as in, you get a $4.99 rebate with your first Dash order to offset the upfront cost of buying a Dash button. You heard it here first, Jeff has a direct line to Bezos apparently because he called it, and Amazon did it!

Want to take a cruise, enjoy the sun, drink form froo-froo drinks? Want to run from zombies while you’re doing it? This coming January the Norwegian Pearl is going to go zombie on a Walking Dead themed cruise to the Bahamas. You could spend 3 zombie-filled days playing zombie games, while drinking zombie drinks, and even mingling with cast and crew members from the Walking Dead.  Isn’t it about time for zombies to go the way of vampires?

NASA just sealed six people in a dome to simulate a year-long mission on Mars and – gosh darnit – one of those people isn’t Pauly Shore! Curse you, NASA!

On August 27th, one billion people used Facebook. Let that sink in for a moment. In a single day, one seventh of the WORLD’S population updated their relationship status and probably shared another picture of a damn cat. Why – Mr. Mittens – do you have to be so adorable?!

Jeff loves his Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Fan:

Jacob loves his Bubba Stainless Steel Flo Sport Bottle:

Ep. 44 – Ride that Hadoopty!


This week the guys are trying to get their hands around the size of the cloud. How big is it? How big are the biggest players in the game? Jacob does some digging to try to find out, and some of the numbers are mind boggling to be sure!

Jeff has finally sworn off of eBay. After his most recent transaction-gone-awry he’s done with the world’s largest flea-market and – at least according to Jacob – good riddance.

Did you know that if you have an iOS device you can put critical medical and contact information right on the lock screen? Information that might save your life in an emergency? Well, you can and the guys are talking about how!

Sriracha on the go? The company now makes official clip-and-go bottles that hold just under 2oz so you can get America’s favorite hot sauce on the go. And if you haven’t watched the Sriracha documentary on Netflix or Amazon Streaming yet, you really should go and check it out.

Is white-collar work at Amazon all it’s cracked up to be? There was a big NYTimes article out just a few weeks ago that make it sound more like a gulag than a 21st century tech utopia. But, honestly, it doesn’t sound all that different than other high-pressure Silicon Valley companies, either.  There’s no doubt that Amazon is great for customers, but is it great for employees too?

This week Jeff is loving AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead.

Jacob is grooving on his KMASHI 10,000mAh portable USB battery: