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Ep. 52 – Happy Birthday to Us!


This week the guys hit a milestone; their 52nd show! That’s right, they’ve been doing this for a whole freakin’ year! They didn’t think it could be done, they were sure you wouldn’t tune in to listen, but here they are.  Their little podcast is getting a little more grown up!

This week Jeff finally catches us up on the big Microsoft announcements from a few weeks back. The new Surface Pro 4 looks nice, but the bombshell was the Surface Book announcement. It’s an odd looking duck, but it’s packing some pretty impressive specs. Is there room at the top of the heap for a $3200 (fully loaded) “ultimate laptop”? Obviously Microsoft thinks so, but will the market agree?

For our listeners in the Great White North the guys talk about the Canadian elections from a week and a half ago. And – like most topics – they’re going to butcher it pretty badly. But they’re sure Geddy Lee will like it. And they’re pretty sure Geddy listens to the show on the regular.

Jacob’s a bit giddy over this: Hey kids-of-the-80s, Don Bluth is teaming back up with Gary Goldman to Kickstart a freakin’ Dragon’s Lair movie! How cool is that?!  They’re looking to raise $550k over the next 30-days to show investors there’s an outlet for a feature-length, animated movie.  You can head over to the Kickstarter campaign and kick in a few bucks to show your support. There are some really cool investor rewards, too. Check out the link here:

Jeff hits a whole buncha quick topics to round out the hour – you should definitely stay around and check those out.

Jacob loves the book: The Boy Who Played With Fusion by Tom Clynes. Get it here:

Jeff loves the movie The Martian. And he’s begging Jacob to get of his butt and go see it already!

Ep. 51 – Under Pressure


This week the guys are back & talking about the new Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2, and Wireless Keyboard 2 from Apple. Yep, literally days after Jeff finally plunked down some hard-earned coin on a Magic Trackpad, Apple up and released a brand new model, complete with force-touch – as if only to taunt him!

Listener Dennis writes in to extol the virtues of the iOS podcast app Overcast. Jeff doubles down, saying he’s switched completely over to Overcast. Jacob grumbled about a bug in his beloved Pocket Casts that causes space to be slowly gobbled away under iOS until the device fills up and no room is left.  It’s apparently a long-known bug, so fix it already, Shifty Jelly!

LogMeIn just announced that they’re buying LastPass for a cool $125 million! Jacob is in love with LastPass and tells everyone within earshot of the benefits of 1) using a password manager and 2) using LastPass specifically. Jeff laughs at Jacob’s consternation and points out that 1Password is still owned by the same company that so far hasn’t had a track record of shutting down services and stopping popular free options. All Jacob knows is that LogMeIn better not ‘eff things up with LastPass or there will be hell to pay!

Ever wanted to drive a Lexus IS? Ever wanted it to be made of coorugaged cardboard? Well now you can live your dream! LaserCut Works and Scales and Models has taken the original CAD drawings for the Lexus IS and created a 1:1 scale replica out of 10mm thick cardboard. The best part? It even sports a small electric motor and can be “driven”. Check out the amazing video over at Wired:

MIT is offering a free, online micro-master’s course in Supply Chain Management. Who knew MIT and SCM went hand-in-hand? Apparently there is a dearth of SCM professionals in the world, and MIT is gunnin’ to change that. With the world increasingly relying on just-in-time delivery for manufacturing and e-commerce exploding and our expectations for getting things the same day or next the world needs all of the SCM and logistics expertise it can get. Online classes in the program are expected to start February 10th, 2016.

Want to find out – scientifically – how happy you are (or in some cases, aren’t)? Well, Clearer Thinking has you covered! You can take the short or long form of their happiness test and they’ll use science to find out just how happy-go-lucky (or sadly-stay-unfortunately) you really are.  The test is free, so check it out:

Jeff loves the new NBC show Blindspot:

Jacob is in love with his Thera Cane Massage Tool:

Ep. 50 – Fly Like an Eagle…


This week Jeff gives an update on his VW rant as more information comes out and it appears VW is pinning the blame on a couple of “rogue” engineers for diesel-gate. Yeah, right!

Ever wanted to fly at twice the speed of sound, but aren’t in the Air Force? Well, you might be in luck if an investor group has their way. A group calling themselves Club Concorde is saying they’re going to bring the super-sonic pond jumper back into service! They hope to be up and running as soon as 2019 with trans-Atlantic, super-speed service. The only rub is that it’s likely they won’t be able to bring the old birds out of storage and will have to commission all new planes. At a 1990s build price of $180m that might spell disaster for Club Concorde as they’ve only raised about $180m so far.  Still, we can dream can’t we?

You may soon be able to buy a laundry folding robot.  What? Where and when?! Yep, the Landroid can shake clean laundry out of a washer, identify it, lay it out, and fold it up in the blink of an eye. Large resorts, Disney, and others are investigating the labor and cost savings of having robots lovingly fold all manner of sheets, pillowcases, and towels all with the caring precision of a German.  Seriously. The company also says that you and I might be able to buy one for our own homes as soon as 2019! Sign us up!

How do you feel about bugs? Specifically, how do you feel about their creepy, compound eyes? Well guess what? Your next camera may be all bug-eyed! Light has announced the L16 – an odd-bird of a camera that sports 16 individual sensors and lenses.  When you compose a shot, the camera identifies which 10 sensors are best and snaps all of them at once. Then inside where mathematical gnomes live, they stitch the images into a single, huge, 52-megapixel snap.  The company claims the resolution and low-light performance will rival or beat pro-level DSLRs! The Light L16 should be available next summer for a whopping $1700, but if it delivers what is promises, it might be a total no-brainer for serious pro and amateur photogs alike. Check out Light’s website at or check out their upcoming multi-lens camera, the L16 at

The popular podcasting app Overcast (iOS only) is now available completely free of charge. The developer just updated Overcast to version 2.0 and in the process removed the in-app purchase option and is now giving all of the extra bells and whistles away for all who want them. If you really, really love it, he’s hoping you’ll pledge a buck-a-month to help keep him in the black.  So if you’re rockin’ an iDevice, go give it a looksee:

Jeff is in love with his Apple Magic Trackpad (that he got a sweet, 50%-off deal on. Yeah!):

Jacob is bonkers of John Scalzi’ book Redshirts:

Ep. 49 – Volkswagen; Sign and Lie…

Ep49BannerThis week the guys are talking about TiVo’s new 4K ready DVR; The Bolt. It’s an odd little device – looking like a cross between a piece of AV gear and a boomerang. It will stream Netflix and YouTube 4K content, but only records an incoming signal at 1080p and it only sports 4 tuners where their current flagship DVRs feature 6. It also only comes with two drive options; a $300 500GB model or a $400 1TB model. Is this much ado about nothing? Will this curious little DVR be the shot in the arm TiVo needs to shake up the DVR market once again?

Jacob laments being a T-Mobile customer once again when it was just announced that T-Mobile’s partner, Experian, experienced a huge data breach where over 15 million customers may have had sensitive information stolen; including name, address, social security number, and passport or driver’s license ID.  Yikes! T-Mobile is offering affected customers two-years worth of credit monitoring, but at what point will we have had enough and demand more care be taken with our sensitive information?  And we’re concerned that this might not just be isolated to T-Mobile if Experian was attacked. Is this just the only data breach we know of now? Will the other shoe drop in the coming days or weeks that this is just a part of a larger infiltration of Experian’s network?

Jeff laments being a VW owner who’s affected by Dieselgate! Volkswagen has really screwed the pooch by fudging the emissions data in their TDI equipped vehicles and it looks like it’s going to cost them dearly. With over 10 million vehicles affected, and upwards of 30% of their inventory off the market, this is going to cost billions of dollars in lost sales, fines, and likely lawsuits brought by owners of affected vehicles who’s resale value is tanking. Given the scope of the problem, could this be the end of Volkswagen?

The guys talk about a new display from Japan Display – a company that somehow managed to cram an 8K video panel into a 17″ display. Sporting a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels at 510 pixels per inch, it’s an odd little piece of tech that doesn’t have a clear purpose. So of course we both want one!

The guys touch on a bunch of other topics as well; crowdfunded moonshots, Google’s new neural network to improve speech recognition, and the first steps in enabling paraplegics to control their legs via wireless links from their brains!

Jeff loves his Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer:

Jacob loves his BUBM Universal Cable Organizer: