Daily Archives: October 13, 2015

Ep. 50 – Fly Like an Eagle…


This week Jeff gives an update on his VW rant as more information comes out and it appears VW is pinning the blame on a couple of “rogue” engineers for diesel-gate. Yeah, right!

Ever wanted to fly at twice the speed of sound, but aren’t in the Air Force? Well, you might be in luck if an investor group has their way. A group calling themselves Club Concorde is saying they’re going to bring the super-sonic pond jumper back into service! They hope to be up and running as soon as 2019 with trans-Atlantic, super-speed service. The only rub is that it’s likely they won’t be able to bring the old birds out of storage and will have to commission all new planes. At a 1990s build price of $180m that might spell disaster for Club Concorde as they’ve only raised about $180m so far.  Still, we can dream can’t we?

You may soon be able to buy a laundry folding robot.  What? Where and when?! Yep, the Landroid can shake clean laundry out of a washer, identify it, lay it out, and fold it up in the blink of an eye. Large resorts, Disney, and others are investigating the labor and cost savings of having robots lovingly fold all manner of sheets, pillowcases, and towels all with the caring precision of a German.  Seriously. The company also says that you and I might be able to buy one for our own homes as soon as 2019! Sign us up!

How do you feel about bugs? Specifically, how do you feel about their creepy, compound eyes? Well guess what? Your next camera may be all bug-eyed! Light has announced the L16 – an odd-bird of a camera that sports 16 individual sensors and lenses.  When you compose a shot, the camera identifies which 10 sensors are best and snaps all of them at once. Then inside where mathematical gnomes live, they stitch the images into a single, huge, 52-megapixel snap.  The company claims the resolution and low-light performance will rival or beat pro-level DSLRs! The Light L16 should be available next summer for a whopping $1700, but if it delivers what is promises, it might be a total no-brainer for serious pro and amateur photogs alike. Check out Light’s website at http://www.light.co/ or check out their upcoming multi-lens camera, the L16 at http://www.light.co/camera

The popular podcasting app Overcast (iOS only) is now available completely free of charge. The developer just updated Overcast to version 2.0 and in the process removed the in-app purchase option and is now giving all of the extra bells and whistles away for all who want them. If you really, really love it, he’s hoping you’ll pledge a buck-a-month to help keep him in the black.  So if you’re rockin’ an iDevice, go give it a looksee: http://Overcast.fm/

Jeff is in love with his Apple Magic Trackpad (that he got a sweet, 50%-off deal on. Yeah!): http://www.amazon.com/Apple-Trackpad-Compatible-Computer-MC380LL/dp/B003XIJ3MW

Jacob is bonkers of John Scalzi’ book Redshirts: http://www.amazon.com/Redshirts-Novel-Three-John-Scalzi/dp/0765334798