Ep. 51 – Under Pressure


This week the guys are back & talking about the new Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2, and Wireless Keyboard 2 from Apple. Yep, literally days after Jeff finally plunked down some hard-earned coin on a Magic Trackpad, Apple up and released a brand new model, complete with force-touch – as if only to taunt him!

Listener Dennis writes in to extol the virtues of the iOS podcast app Overcast. Jeff doubles down, saying he’s switched completely over to Overcast. Jacob grumbled about a bug in his beloved Pocket Casts that causes space to be slowly gobbled away under iOS until the device fills up and no room is left.  It’s apparently a long-known bug, so fix it already, Shifty Jelly!

LogMeIn just announced that they’re buying LastPass for a cool $125 million! Jacob is in love with LastPass and tells everyone within earshot of the benefits of 1) using a password manager and 2) using LastPass specifically. Jeff laughs at Jacob’s consternation and points out that 1Password is still owned by the same company that so far hasn’t had a track record of shutting down services and stopping popular free options. All Jacob knows is that LogMeIn better not ‘eff things up with LastPass or there will be hell to pay!

Ever wanted to drive a Lexus IS? Ever wanted it to be made of coorugaged cardboard? Well now you can live your dream! LaserCut Works and Scales and Models has taken the original CAD drawings for the Lexus IS and created a 1:1 scale replica out of 10mm thick cardboard. The best part? It even sports a small electric motor and can be “driven”. Check out the amazing video over at Wired: http://www.wired.com/2015/10/can-drive-life-size-lexus-made-cardboard/

MIT is offering a free, online micro-master’s course in Supply Chain Management. Who knew MIT and SCM went hand-in-hand? Apparently there is a dearth of SCM professionals in the world, and MIT is gunnin’ to change that. With the world increasingly relying on just-in-time delivery for manufacturing and e-commerce exploding and our expectations for getting things the same day or next the world needs all of the SCM and logistics expertise it can get. Online classes in the program are expected to start February 10th, 2016.

Want to find out – scientifically – how happy you are (or in some cases, aren’t)? Well, Clearer Thinking has you covered! You can take the short or long form of their happiness test and they’ll use science to find out just how happy-go-lucky (or sadly-stay-unfortunately) you really are.  The test is free, so check it out: http://programs.clearerthinking.org/tactics_for_happier_living.html

Jeff loves the new NBC show Blindspot: http://www.nbc.com/blindspot

Jacob is in love with his Thera Cane Massage Tool: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NH0XG7E

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