Ep. 54 – Oops, Jeff Did It Again!


This week the guys talk a lotta tech!

Jacob has a gripe about his new iPhone 6S – it’s too darn fast! Jeff tries to give him some suggestions to make the experience a little better, but why can’t Apple just give Jacob exactly what he wants?! Comon’ Tim Cook, how about a few tweakable settings already?!

Jeff mentions that Apple just announced a patent on a “panic mode” that would let you register a finger print as a panic-inducing print.  If you were forced to unlock your iPhone, you use this special finger and it locks the phone down, requiring a password to unlock it and get into the (potentially) incriminating evidence.  It’s a great idea, but will it ever see the light of day?

And speaking of the courts and politics not keeping up with technology – Jacob found a story where two professors at Western Illinois University have conducted their 2016 Presidential Mock Election. And…. they are predicting that Bernie Sanders will win against Jeb Bush! Sounds crazy, you say? Well it might indeed, until you stop to consider that the duo has applied their polling and statistical approach to every Presidential election since 1975 and they have a staggering 100%-correct track record! Yep, they’ve called every election since the mid 1970s and they’ve (so far) always been right.  Wowza, can you imagine getting used to President Bernie?

Jeff mentions that CyPhy Works has created a tethered drone that can stay in the air indefinitely! It has a 500′ range, and can act as a communications relay station. And it never needs to come down.  A little spooky, eh?

And in more drone news, DJI (makers of the Phantom and Inspire line of quadcopters) has announced they’re buying a minority stake in Hasselblad. They’ll score a seat on the board of directors, as well as access to Hasselblad’s 70+ years of photographic experience. You may know of Hasselblad – they only made the freaking cameras that went TO THE MOON!

Lytro – the company that brought the infinitely-focusable-after-the-fact to the masses – has announced their new beast, the Immerge, will be available in 2016.  What is it, you might ask? We’ll it’s a “ball” of Lytro cameras that captures fully-after-the-fact-focusable video content in a full 360-degree sphere! Shoot once and then you can control the entire experience (including pulling a 3D picture) after the fact. Don’t get too excited, the rig is expected to hit the market in the $300k price range.  But oh what possibilities lie ahead!

Tag Heuer announced their $1500 Android Wear watch this week – the Tag Heuer Connected. It’s a titanium beast with some pretty sporty bands, but aside from some custom Tag-specific watch faces, it’s just plain old Android Wear.  The tech specs are pretty middle-of-the-road, and the anticipated 40-hour battery life has been downgraded to “about a day” by Tag executives.  Still, if you’re in the market for a high-end smartwatch and Apple’s ecosystem isn’t your bag, it’s about the only other serious game in town at the moment.  And Tag Heuer is doing something interesting; if you buy a Connected, you can trade it in two years later (along with an extra $1500) and get yourself a genuine mechanical Carrera from the company. Now that’s an interesting twist!

Jacob loves his Estes Proto X nano quadcopter. A steal at only $30 and a ton of fun to fly! Check out his mini-review on the site at: http://nobettershow.com/2015/11/estes-proto-x-quadcopter-mini-review/ and pick your own up at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MDKO6EG

Jeff loves… well, you just need to tune in to hear what Jeff loves!

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