Ep. 56 – The Sciencepisode

Episode 56 - The Sciencepisode, All science, all the show!

There’s a whole lotta’ science going on in this week’s episode! The guys found a bunch of science-heavy stories and are bringing the nerdy, hard!

Science quickies

A few science quickies to get the ball rolling!

  • A great podcast – Caustic Soda – with an excellent episode on Science Deniers! http://causticsodapodcast.com/2015/10/12/science-denial/
  • A controversial theory that light might be SLOWER than previous thought!
  • Ronda Rousey’s bell rung with almost 50 pounds of force.  Ouch!
  • A possible flaw in the new H3N2 flu vaccine means it might no be as effective as previously thought.


The most extensive face transplant in medical history has just been completed and it’s amazing what modern medicine is capable of these days.  Firefighter Patrick Hardison just received a full face transplant from doctors at NYU’s Langone Medical Center and the transformation is unbelievable.  He received a scalp, face, ears,  nose, lips, and eyelids in a grueling 26-hour surgery (performed by a 150-person medical team).

The donor face came from BMX enthusiast David Rodebaugh, who dies in a tragic cycling accident.  Below is a picture of the transformation. While it might be a little hard to look at – there is no denying that it’s absolutely amazing that it’s a surgery that’s available at all, with more than 20 patients receiving full or partial face transplants at institutions around the world as of 2005.

Face-Off for science

“Did I do that?” #Urkle

Jumping to making lemonade-out-of-lemons; researches at the European Space Agency (ESA) were able to turn a huge mistake into an opportunity to study general relativity more closely than has ever been studied before.  The ESA commissioned two satellites to be launched and become part of a new global-GPS system.  The only problem is the Soyuz put the satellites into a highly elliptical orbit rendering them useless for their purposes of working as part of a positioning system. Seeing an opportunity – scientists at the ESA realized that by using the highly accurate atomic clocks on board, they could measure the time dilation effect as they moved about their elliptic orbit and calculate the effect to a much higher level of precision than has ever been done before.  When Murphy strikes… strike back with SCIENCE!

“Nu-cue-lar. It’s pronounced nu-cue-lar.”

The case of fission v. fusion…  The guys get into a deep discussion of fission versus fusion.  But, hey, remember they’re just two idiots with microphones and an audience, so maybe don’t give them too much credibility.  It’s two interesting ways to get energy; one we’ve got a pretty good grasp on, the other is an elusive dream that scientists feel might be achievable in our lifetimes still.  Can you guess which is which?  It’s probably more than you ever cared to know about fusion, fission, and how stars work, and it’s coming from two guys who have absolutely no business trying to make difficult concepts simple.  But – darn it – they’re going to try anyway!

Things we love

Jacob loves his SABRENT WiFi wireless audio receiver: http://amzn.to/1YpK8nJ

Jeff is ga-ga over Netflix’s new Marvel series; Jessica Jones.  

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