Ep. 57 – How much is that Fahrvergnügen in the window?

How much is that Fahrvergnugen in the window

This week the guys have a whole peck of listener feedback & input. Jacob finally goes and sees the movie The Martian and literally doesn’t have a single bad thing to say about the movie.  If you haven’t gone and seen it yet, go and do it before it leaves theaters for good.  Seriously, just go.

‘Tis the Season to Overspend

The guys talk about this season’s holiday shopping results.  Black Friday, Thanksgiving Thursday, Cyber Monday.  Too many commerce festivities all shoved into too small a window! Ack! Much spending was done, many bank accounts were drained. Can it be January already?

3…2…1… Blast off!

Jeff Bezo’s rocket company – Blue Origin – just tested and successfully recovered a reusable rocket.  The New Shepard was just launched to a height of 100.5km (62 miles for us ‘Mericans) and kissed the edge of space.  The amazing part is the BE-3 rocket engine was successfully landed (vertically, we might add) and touched down at a gentle 4.4mph.  One of the few recoveries so far in rocketry and if they can repeat the feat, it will be a huge win for the company as they plan to move forward with their space tourism plans.  Sign us up for a trip!

Fahrvergnügen redux?

More VW woes – it’s looking like the top brass at VW may have known about the problems with fuel economy and emissions issues for up to a YEAR before the story broke! Jeff updates us with news that VW is reaching out to TDI owners and potentially offering them some cash in the form of a Visa gift card, and in-store credit.  How much Fahrvergnügen does $750 buy, anyway?

Calling an inaudible…

Marketing companies are using inaudible frequencies to tie together profile information on you across multiple devices! Yeah, you should be outraged about that.  The Center for Democracy and Technology just released a scathing letter to the FTC outlining how these companies are using the technology to build multi-device profiles and to refine their information on you.  So far the companies are staying mum about their tech and what all apps and advertisers are using it.  The FTC has agreed to hold some workshops to discuss the technology and how it could potentially affect consumers.  This is pretty darn scary, folks.  The most troubling part in our opinion is that currently there is no way for consumers to know if they’re being fed these inaudible signals, and no way for them to opt-out of the tracking.  Yikes!  You should definitely be concerned about this and keep watching to see what comes from these initial workshops the FTC plans to hold.


Speaking of companies that people love to hate… Your cable company.  But this is actually kind of cool!  If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer in New York or New Jersey, the cable company is going to be rolling out a trial that will let you replace your set-top box with a Roku. You’ll have access to over 300 channels live, plus 20,000+ on-demand titles as well.  No word on TWC’s plans to roll this out to any other markets, but we can only imagine that if this is successful we’ll start to see alternatives to cable-co set-top boxes pretty quickly.

What we love:

Jeff loves his High Sierra Loop backpack: http://amzn.to/1lqknoM

Jacob loves his Honest Amish Beard Balm: http://amzn.to/1XARsKZ

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