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Apple Battery Case - Slap A Case On It!

Ep. 59 – Slap A Case On It!

Apple iPhone Battery Case - Slap A Case On It!


This week the guys talk about the new Rambo TV series being developed by by Sly Stallone and FOX – and they get deep down a rabbit hole about TV and movies in general.

The FAA finally announces the details of the new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) registration requirements.  Basically, they’re calling anything that flies without a person physically in the craft a UAS – drones, quadcopters, multirotors, R/C airplanes… You name it.  Predictably the Internet has gone nuts and people are frothing at the mouth, but it’s actually pretty reasonable.  It’s a $5 fee – covers *all* UAS fliers a person has, and is good for three years.  Registrations open December 21st, 2015 an you can register at the FAA’s web site: https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/

The FTC just fined Tommie Copper – purveyor of snail-oil copper cure-all garments – $1.35M USD for claiming their products can take away all of your pain.  Good on ya’, FTC, we need more smackdowns of these kinds of companies!

Double Down

Netflix just announced that they’re doubling down on original content in 2016.  Literally! The streaming giant announced that they’re going to produce 31 original series shows next year, up from the 16 they produced in 2015.

They’re also going to be producing 10 feature films, 12 documentaries, 10 stand-up specials, and 50 children’s programs! Look out HBO and Showtime – it just got real.

Between this new announcement from Netflix, and the original series that Amazon is producing, the networks and premium cable channels need to be very afraid!

Can’t Get Enough of that iPhone Stuff

Apple just launched a new iPhone 6S battery case.  Yep, you read that right… The cell phone giant is getting into the battery case game for some odd reason.  It’s only available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, and it’s only available in white or charcoal grey.  It also sports a very un-Apple-like hump and is made of a soft-touch silicone.

As Jeff points out, unless you have a VERY small headphone plug, you’ll need some type of adapter to use your headphones with this case on. It’s also one of the only cases on the market with a Lightening connector that is fully functional.  Very odd of Apple on this one – are they just trying to get people used to the idea that they will need a battery case so the next iPhone can be even thinner?  Or are they just wanting a cut of the profit-margin-heavy battery case market?  Either way, this baby will set you back a cool $99

Other Apple rumors… According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is going to be announcing a new Apple Watch – the Watch 2 – *and* a new iPhone model next spring. Dubbed the iPhone 6c by the rumor mills, it’s said to sport the speedy internals of the iPhone 6 line, with the form factor of the 5S – or at least the screen size at a teeny 4 inches.  Apparently there is a big enough market – Jeff read in the 30% range – of people who want a *smaller* iPhone screen, but also want the upgraded internals and speed.

And it’s going to be interesting if Apple does release a new watch next spring since most people figured that would be on an every-other-year cycle.  What say you, NBTA fans? If Apple releases a new watch, will you be on board for version 2.0?

That ol’ Popcorn Lung…

A new study out from Harvard shows that vaping might not be as safe as everyone thought!  Apparently there’s a pretty nasty chemical called diacetyl that’s found in a lot of the “sweet” flavored e-cig and vape juices.

Chronic inhalation of diacetyl can lead to a fun-sounding-but-not-fun-having condition called Popcorn Lung.  Also know as bronchitis obliterans, a degenerative and irreversible respiratory condition that often requires a lung transplant.

So… yeah… you might want to re-think that whole sucking-clouds-of-stuff-into-your-lungs thing.

What we love

Jeff loves his (free) Google Cardboard.  If you missed out on Google’s free offer on December 11th – well – too bad.  But for about $20 you can get your own from https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/

Jacob loves his Rough Rider 1387 Barlow pocket knife.  At under $15, it’s razor sharp and built incredibly well.  It definitely punches way above it’s price class: http://amzn.to/1YaARDn

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