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Christmaspisode - The Christmas Clip Show Extravaganza

Ep. 60 – The Christmaspisode!

Christmaspisode - The Christmas Clip Show Extravaganza

This week the guys cop out to the pressures of the holidays and presenting their first Christmas Clip Show Extravaganza! That’s right, the holidays are upon us and Jeff and Jacob are celebrating the Christmas holiday in the best way they know how; by re-running some of their favorite “things they love” so *you* can get your consumerism on!

Episode 31: For a Good Prime Call…

Jeff loves his new earphones and Jacob loves an Internet video sensation! http://nobettershow.com/2015/06/ep-31-for-a-good-prime-call/

Episode 22: Down the Rabbit Hole

Jeff loves his new iPhone case and Jacob loves Soundcloud’s mobile app for letting you listen to Soundcloud content on the go: http://nobettershow.com/2015/03/ep-22-down-the-rabbit-hole/

Episode 3: Dirty Job

Jacob loves his Fenix 2 AA battery powered flashlight. Jeff loves his Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ tablet: http://nobettershow.com/2014/11/ep-3-dirty-job/

Episode 11: Richard Holdman

Richard Holdman joins the guys & talks about his Baofeng HAM radio. Jeff loves This American Life’s podcast; Serial. Jacob loves his Nexcon magnetic car mount for his cellphone: http://nobettershow.com/2015/01/ep-11-richard-holdman/

Episode 17: Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello joins the guys & talks about what he loves, and a hint; it’s Evernote. Jeff loves TV Food Maps – an app that lets you find restaurants that have been on TV shows as he plans his cross-country road trip with his son. Jacob loves his new LED lightbulbs: http://nobettershow.com/2015/02/ep-17-lou-mongello/

Episode 8: I’m coming for you, Lucas!

This week Jeff raves about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Jacob grooves to the year’s catchiest pop songs as remixed by DJ Earworm and Daniel Kim’s Pop Danthology: http://nobettershow.com/2014/12/ep-8-im-coming-for-you-lucas/

Episode 43: Chris Eliopoulos

Chris Eliopoulos joins the guys & talks about what he loves. Jeff loves his new USB hub and Jacob loves his new showerproof, Bluetooth speaker: http://nobettershow.com/2015/08/ep-43-chris-eliopoulos/

What we love, Christmas edition

Jeff loves VistaPrint for all of their printing services for short money – specifically he loves their Christmas card printing service that his family used this year for their Christmas cards: https://vistaprint.com/

Jacob loves his Vizio 5.1 channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer & satellite speakers. Is it as good as a high-end home theater setup with a dedicated receiver? No. But it has a high wife acceptance factor (WAF), was a snap to install and configure, and sounds pretty darn good, actually! http://amzn.to/1YaC1P6

As a bonus thing, Jacob also loves his Field Notes Flight Logs for his quadcopter. It’s created based on a design from Adam Savage at Tested.com and they are awesome. You seriously can’t go wrong with any Field Notes products, but if you fly any UAS you need these in your flight kit: http://fieldnotesbrand.com/shop/flightlog/

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