Star Wars The Force Awakens SPOILERCAST Banner Image

Ep. 61 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens SPOILERCAST

Star Wars The Force Awakens SPOILERCAST Banner Image

This week the guys talk all about this little movie – you probably haven’t even heard about it. It’s an indie flick called Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Here Be Spoilers…

The guys polled their listeners, and they overwhelming agreed that Jeff and Jacob should spoil this movie like milk left out on the counter.  And once the guys were done, the results were about the same; ugly, stinky, and not something you’d want in your house.

But go ahead and listen (if you’ve seen the movie) and see if you agree with Jeff – who is *way* more knowledgeable about Star Wars than Jacob ever hopes to be – or if you’re going to end up screaming at your podcast player as these two dorks completely miss the nuance and history that is Star Wars.

Does the movie deserve the praise that’s been heaped upon it so far? Is it worth the BILLION dollars it’s already earned (in just 12 days, we might mention)? Is Disney going to make a kajillion dollars flogging this franchise like a red-headed stepchild?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet; do yourself a favor and just save this episode until you have.  Unless you really want to learn the horrible, horrible truth about Jar Jar and Yoda’s love affair and resulting force-baby.  Trust us, you really don’t…

IMAX Facts

Not content to just talk about a movie that’s only broken, like, every financial record in cinema history in just 12 days, the guys also find some amazing facts about the IMAX projection system to share.

They’re some of the lucky few who live in a city that was screening an actual, honest-to-goodness-larger-than-life 70mm celluloid print of the film! In fact, only 15 IMAX theaters in the world can make such a claim. There’s nothing like seeing a movie on a six story tall screen, and some of the details about how the IMAX people make that happen is truly amazing.

What we love

Jacob loves his Weight Gurus Smart Connected Scale. A little bluetooth gadget that not only tells you how fat you are, it also provides proof in the form of your BMI, percentage body fat, water, and muscle. And then it shoots it all directly to your smartphone:

Jeff loves his BB-8 remote controlled droid, he just wishes it was a little bigger.  You know, like life-sized!

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