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Ep. 63 – One BILLION Dollars

One Billion Dollar Lottery Jackpot

This week the entire world seems to be going crazy over the record-setting lottery payday that seems to be looming larger than life.  For just two bucks you get a shot at a little over a billion dollars.  Yes, even you, could become a billionaire overnight. So the guy’s are trading in their better judgement and getting a little Powerball crazy for the first few minutes of the show.

Just a quickie, baby…

  • Listener John writes in with his 4K and multi-device connected woes.
  • Scientists just keep on science-ing!  The IUPAC just announced that four (count ’em, FOUR) new elements have been officially accepted and are being added to the periodic table.  The elements (with atomic weights 113, 115, 117, and 118) are yet to be named, and only last on average for 20 milliseconds.  But – hey – new elements are always something to get excited about!
  • Microsoft is finally ending support for IE 8, 9, and 10. As of January 12th, support is officially ending for all versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 11.  So if you’re still rocking an older version, it’s time to think about switching to Chrome or Firefox, or – God forbid – upgrading to IE 11 or Microsoft’s new browser; Edge!
  • Over 180,000 pilots have registered with the FAA to fly their drones/UAS.  The deadline to get registered if you fly a UAS that weighs in at more than 250 grams (8.9 oz) is February 9th.  Over 180k flyers have already registered, and if you get registered by January 20th the FAA will even refund your $5 registration fee.  Head over to https://registermyuas.faa.gov/ to get registered if you haven’t yet, and need to.
  • AT&T is bringing back unlimited wireless data for UVerse and DirecTV customers. They say it’s really, really unlimited; $100 for the first line and lines 2 & 3 are just $40 each.  And they’re graciously giving you your 4th line free – as if giving them $180 a month for data wasn’t enough already!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 to be shot on RED’s new 8K “Warrior” digital cinema platform! They say the performance of the Warrior’s 8K system nearly rivals 70mm film!
  • Smart guns… is there really such a thing? According to Jeff (who says according to his research, yes) the government might become the largest buyer of “smart” firearms and push what is currently a niche with almost no demand to the forefront of arms sales.  Maybe.  Jacob thinks that talking about guns won’t upset enough people and that the guys should also tackle religion and politics as well…

Google Cardboard saving lives?

  • According to a story Jeff found, a surgeon just successfully combined MRI data with Google’s Cardboard to create an immersive 3D world to rehearse and “practice” a difficult surgery on a baby girl born with only half her heart and one lung!  According to the doc, the visualization system worked far better than the 3D printed models they have used in other surgeries, and that going forward he expects to us this technology A LOT more!  Read more about this story here: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/07/health/google-cardboard-baby-saved/

Malware cripples Ukraine’s power grid

  • At the end of December, the power system in the Ukraine suffered a massive outage. New evidence suggests that “hackers” who masqueraded as members of the national parliament were able to send Microsoft Excel documents with macros which allowed them to embed the malware suite BlackEnergy to install backdoors into critical systems running the Ukrainian power system. Yep – you think users enabling macros in your organization is bad?  At least you’re organization being compromised probably won’t take down the power grid. Probably…

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