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Ep. 73 – It’s so small!

Apple iPhone SE

The guys finally get around to covering the Apple news from March 21st.  So much so, that this ends up being pretty much an all-Apple episode! They’re talking new Apple Watch bands, the new iPad Pro 9.7″, the iPhone SE and what it all might mean for Apple fans (and haters) alike.

Plus there’s listener feedback – Howie is pleasantly happy with what the iPhone SE pricing means for Canadians, Richard invites the boys to consider immigrating to the Great White North (which Jacob would *seriously* consider if it wasn’t for all that pesky family keeping him in the States), and John wants to talk about the rumored Playstation 4 4K model (the so-called Playstation 4.5) and rumors that Microsoft is going to be offering add-on hardware to extend and enhance the Xbox experience.

What we love:

Jeff loves his iPad Pro 12.8″ tablet:

Jacob loved the book The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu:

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Oh No! A Skip!

The Flu

Hello fans & followers – it’s overdue, but Jeff and Jacob regret to have to inform you that due to pestilence & disease, there won’t be a show this week.

They know – you’re heartbroken – you’re wailing & gnashing your teeth.  And they’re sorry.  The flu is a helluva thing.

But the good news – the pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow – is that they’ll be back in force next week with a new show and the sun will be shining and the birds will be singing and all will be right with the world again.

Ep. 72 – The Ides have it!

Beware the Ides of March

This week we’re all over the board.  A little tech, a little politics, Jeff freaks out at auto-playing ads… It’s a good time.

Stupid daylight saving time…  >:-(

With Daylight Saving Time stealing an hour of our lives, the show notes are conspiciously short this week.  We’ve got a cool video you should definitely go and watch – a 360-degree view inside the Large Hadron Collider.

Wanna watch the Apple live stream on March 21st? We’re sure you can find all kinds of links and live blogs, or you can bookmark the “official” Apple Live Stream link here:

What we love

Jeff loves his Starbucks Sumatra Reserve K-Cups he scored for cheap from Sam’s Club

Jacob loves his SainSonic 0.3mm Ultra-Thin Case for his iPhone

Ep. 71 – A case of the mumps!

A Case Of The Mumps

This week the guys are back, talking tech and taking names.  Well, they’re talkin’ tech at any rate!


Didja’ know that AOL still has over 2.3 million dial-up subscribers?  Neither did they guys! Yep, AOL is still bringing in almost $700 million per year on 56K dial-up accounts.  Heck, you can go buy a US Robotics USB mode for just $17 on Amazon.  Don’t you want to feel all nostalgic and relive the good ‘ol days of the ‘Net?  Yeah, neither do we!

Amazon is reading or minds… Or listening to the show… Or just thinking logically.  But the guys prefer to believe that Jeff Bezos himself is a regular listener.  They’ve railed on the Amazon Echo for being a product that is really good, but needs a better way to integration throughout your house.  We’ll Amazon listened and just unveiled the Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot.  From our minds to your house!

NY judge James Orenstein has ruled that Apple doesn’t have to help the FBI break into a phone in a drug trafficking case.  Why is this important? We’ll it could set precedence for the upcoming case where the government is ordering Apple to help them defeat security measures on the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters.  No matter which side you come down on for this argument, you have to admit it’ll be interesting to see this played out in the courts.

How much is that Phantom in the window?

DJI has just announced and released an update to their quadcopter/drone line; they introduced the Phantom 4 with a bunch of new features to help keep newbies in the air and to hopefully prevent some of the more common pilot-error type accidents and crashes.  Of course there’s a new camera, a new battery (booo, you’ll have to buy all new batteries, but you’ll get a few more minutes of flying time), and some really nifty new software features that should make flying even easier!

For only $1400 it can be yours!

Cold hard iCash

Apple is going to be taking iPhones in for trade and is willing to give you cold, hard cash in the process.  Heck, they’re being so generous that they’re even going to take in your old, broken iPhones and still give you (less) cash-ola.

From Russia… With love?

Some wacky Russian engineers from the Moscow University of Mechanical Engineering have successfully crowdfunded a campaign to launch a solar gathering satellite into orbit later this year which promises to be the brightest object in the sky.  Oh great, they’re not even pretending they’re not going to cook us all alive!  In addition to the frickin’ solar weapon, the team also hopes to construct an experimental atmospheric braking system that would help Mayak (and potentially other future satellites) re-enter the atmosphere and be recovered without the use of retro-rockets.

Way to go, Indiana…

All over the country state legislators are hard at work making sure that the little guy is getting screwed… Er – that is making sure that the “playing field is fair for all”.  At least, that’s how rep Kevin Mahan (R) was spinning his new bill that would ban direct-to-consumer sales of automobiles. Ostensibly written at GM’s behest, the bill was aimed pretty squarely at Tesla Motors which is currently the only auto manufacturer in the state selling cars direct to consumers, without any pesky dealerships to ruin the car buying experience.  Fortunately cooler heads prevailed, and it looks like this bill is dead.  At least for this legislative session.

What we love

Jeff loves his Leather Nova Leather cleaner:

Jacob loves his TOPS Docket Gold Project Planning Pads:

Ep. 70 – Deadpool SPOILERCAST!

Deadpool Spoilercast

This week the guys ruin… we mean… spoil the movie Deadpool.  Seriously – they talk all about it, give away plot points and talk in detail about facts, easter eggs, cameos, quote lines, swear up a storm (like the two sailors you always just knew they were).

It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s probably best to not even download and listen to this episode. Trust us, just pass on over.  ESPECIALLY if you haven’t seen the movie, have small children around, are a prude who has a stick way, way up the wazoo and has no sense of humor, are easily offended, are hard to be offended, have ears… You get the idea.

Listen on at your own peril. Many curse words are bandied about, many facts are revealed.  The guys present to you; the Deadpool Spoilercast!

What we love:

Jacob loves his Cricut Explore Air crafting/scrapbooking machine.  Well, technically it’s his wife’s crafting/scrapbooking machine, but whatever… He loves it, too!

Jeff loves the last 63 years of Playboy centerfolds that some kind sole saw fit to post to Imgur ( – we’re not going to link to it to try to keep things somewhat family friendly, but we’re sure it’s just a quick Google search away!

And as a bonus; Jeff recommends checking out this click from Jimmy Kimmel, staring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.