Ep. 70 – Deadpool SPOILERCAST!

Deadpool Spoilercast

This week the guys ruin… we mean… spoil the movie Deadpool.  Seriously – they talk all about it, give away plot points and talk in detail about facts, easter eggs, cameos, quote lines, swear up a storm (like the two sailors you always just knew they were).

It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s probably best to not even download and listen to this episode. Trust us, just pass on over.  ESPECIALLY if you haven’t seen the movie, have small children around, are a prude who has a stick way, way up the wazoo and has no sense of humor, are easily offended, are hard to be offended, have ears… You get the idea.

Listen on at your own peril. Many curse words are bandied about, many facts are revealed.  The guys present to you; the Deadpool Spoilercast!

What we love:

Jacob loves his Cricut Explore Air crafting/scrapbooking machine.  Well, technically it’s his wife’s crafting/scrapbooking machine, but whatever… He loves it, too! http://amzn.to/1WSLNQQ

Jeff loves the last 63 years of Playboy centerfolds that some kind sole saw fit to post to Imgur (http://imgur.com) – we’re not going to link to it to try to keep things somewhat family friendly, but we’re sure it’s just a quick Google search away!

And as a bonus; Jeff recommends checking out this click from Jimmy Kimmel, staring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

One thought on “Ep. 70 – Deadpool SPOILERCAST!

  1. Three points.

    1. To show you how much of a Marvel fan I am not, when I saw a spoiler cast for Deadpool I thought WTF, why are they doing a spoiler cast for a 1989 Dirty Harry Movie !!!!

    2. I think it was your podcast that recommended the Caustic Soda podcast. Thanks I love it.

    3. A tech question, There are a lot of Caustic Soda podcast episodes not on iTunes. They have a RSS feed for the older ones. Is there a way for me to download them to my iPhone, and not stream them?

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