Oh No! A Skip!

The Flu

Hello fans & followers – it’s overdue, but Jeff and Jacob regret to have to inform you that due to pestilence & disease, there won’t be a show this week.

They know – you’re heartbroken – you’re wailing & gnashing your teeth.  And they’re sorry.  The flu is a helluva thing.

But the good news – the pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow – is that they’ll be back in force next week with a new show and the sun will be shining and the birds will be singing and all will be right with the world again.

One thought on “Oh No! A Skip!

  1. Sorry to hear that you guys are unwell. Have a few stiff rum and cokes, won’t cure you, but you won’t care.

    I was looking forward to your views on the iPhone SE. I think they will sell a butt ton of them up here. I mentioned last September about how expensive iPhones and their plans were up here. Here is a link to an iMore article that looks at our carriers and their plans.


    In my experience, people just go along with the $70-$80 plans, or even worse the $300 plus a month family plans, but the try to limit the cost by going with the phones with the lowest up front costs. Right now, until the end of March they are offering the iPhone 5s for $0 down on the two year plan. I’d expect the SE will go for $100-$130 down when it launches.

    When I read about how the iPhone 5c was not a success, it doesn’t jibe with my experience. Tons were sold here as it was the phone with the cheapest up front cost for about two years. If I had to guess I’d break down what I see on a daily basis like this

    5s 40%
    5c 30%
    6/6s 15%
    4/4s 10%
    6+/6s+ 5%

    This is, of course very different from what I see when I visit the States.

    I’m glad there was no SE out when I got the 6s last fall. The SE is going for $700 unlocked (64GB) thats about $320 less than the 6s. Right now, I might be tempted to save the cash. Even though I love the bigger screen and the 3D touch. Cheers!

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