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Ep. 77 – Spirit of the West

Spirit of the West

This week Jacob is bopping his head to an awesome musical suggestion from a listener; the band Spirit of the West.  He’s especially groovin’ on the album Tripping Up the Stairs at the moment. Oh, and don’t forget to nominate the show for the 11th annual Podcast Awards: http://NoBetterShow.com/awards

Topics & such

  • An icky subject to be sure; a Massachusetts court has rejected a child-porn case brought when the FBI used mal-ware to infect PCs and catch people trading the material.
  • Tesla has now received over 400,000 reservations for the upcoming Model 3. Seems people are quite excited about their “affordable” all-electric option.  Jeff still is betting against it coming out in 2017, if ever.  Who will be proven right?
  • If you’re popular, and like actually talking to people, Facebook’s Messenger now supports calls with up to 50 of your friends.  Now if the guys only had 47 more friends, they could test it out!
  • HTC 10 is coming and it looks to be quite the nice handset.  People keep asking if “this” is the handset that can save HTC; the problem is they’ve been asking that question ever since the HTC One M7 came out 3+ years ago.  And – funny enough – HTC seems to still be here.

What we love

Jeff loves his Spigen Apple Watch stand: http://amzn.to/24foUfg

Jacob loves his Lamy 2000 fountain pen: http://amzn.to/1NkmibF