Ep. 75 – What’s that, WhatsApp?

What's that, WhatsApp?

This week the guys share some mind-blowing factiods, some tech, and a catchy little album that’ll have you tapping your toes!


Ellen writes in with a band recommendation to check out: Twenty One Pilots.

Jacob spots a Maserati in his neighborhood, possibly from a generous patron? He can only  wish!

Quick, are there more trees on Earth or stars in the Milky Way? Prepared to have your mind blown by the answer!

Just plain geeky…

Jacob gets a chance to go hands on with the new Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ and test out the color-sensing tech that adapts the screen’s color temperature to match the light in the room you’re in. He concedes that it’s pretty amazing and magical tech.

HP has a new high-end laptop and a new high-end logo.

A newly discovered type of magnetism promises to unlock quantum computing to the masses

Everyone’s favorite, Swedish furniture company, IKEA, is unveiling a kitchen VR showroom.  Now you can see exactly how your new kitchen will look with the help of some VR goggles.  Finally, we were promised this kind of tech back in the mid-1990s!

Jacob thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but no it’s true.  Microsoft is going to incorporate the Bourne Again Shell (BASH) into Windows 10. A long time unix, linux, and OSX utility is coming to Windows.  This is something that we would have never imagined happening even a few short years ago.  Are we in a Bizzaro-universe & nobody told us?!

Mobile gaming is big business!

Didja know that mobile gaming is big business? Sure you did, but do you know just how big? On average, paying players spend $86.50 per year on mobile games; just a little behind the $91.58 that console players spend annually.

But the biggest surprise is that some games are bringing in A LOT more money. Game of War’s paying players are spending an average of $550 per year on the game!  Yes, you read that right… $550 per year on average.

And it’s not the only big money mobile game out there.  Big Fish Casino brings in an average of $232.67 per year from paying players and Boombeach brings in nearly $118 per year.  No wonder so many developers are rushing to micro-payment based mobile gaming development.  It’s an almost $35 billion a year business!

WhatsApp enables end-to-end encryption

In a shot squarely across the FBI’s and DOJ’s bow, WhatsApp has enabled end-to-end public key encryption on their entire platform; effectively turning it into a warentless space for all BILLION users.  That’s right, 1-in-7 people on the planet use WhatsApp, and now no government can demand and receive access to the data that travels across the network.  Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are still unencrypted, but Apple’s iMessage platform is.  How long until either Google and Facebook follow suite or the government does something hamfisted and tries to legislate back-doors into the systems?

Huawei’s new P9 smartphone is Leica-endorsed

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has managed to grow into the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer behind Apple and Samsung. And they have a new flagship coming out – the P9 – that sports dual image sensors and is Leica-approved.  What, exactly, that means has yet to be fully explored, but the dual-image sensors is exciting a lot of people in the smartphone photography world (which these days seems to be about every single person with a smartphone).

Can it stand up to the iPhone and Galaxy line? Only time will tell, but Huawei claims the P9 will capture 270% more light than the iPhone 6S and 90% more light than the Galaxy S7.

What we love

Jacob loves the musical Hamilton. It’s available on all of the major streaming services, or through Amazon if you like owning music: http://amzn.to/1TMN6mb

Jeff loves his Fintie iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Case: http://amzn.to/25V8z14

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