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Ep. 81 – Google I/O Review

Google I/O Review

Google I/O Review – all the neural net with a dash of VR!

This week the guys are – for once – not talking about Apple.  No, they’re talking about Google’s big developer conference – Google IO.

They hit the highlights and talk about what all it might mean in the tech sector, how it might impact you, and the significance of some of the projects that Google has announced:

There’s more – for the first time more Chromebooks were shipped in the first quarter of 2016 than Macs.  Chew on that tidbit for a while… Mostly to K-12 institutions, but still.  There were 1.76 million Macs shipped in the same time frame, so that’s nothing to sneeze at!

And, not only will Chrome OS start running Android apps (a huge deal for Chromebook owners), but by the end of 2016 Chrome will try to default to HTML5 and not use Adobe’s Flash.  It’s about freaking time that Flash is deprecated and put out of its misery!  Soon…. soon…

What we love

Jeff loves Netflix’s Making a Murder series

Jacob loves his VIVO dual monitor desk mount:

Ep. 80 – ‘Murica!

Murica! Hell Yeah!

This week the guys tackle some serious tech stories and some… well… not so serious stories.  But they’re talkin’ ’bout beer!  So, heck yeah!

But first…

Get’cher science on with Derek Lowe’s fantastic blog: Things I Won’t Work With. It’s chock full of fun chemistry stories about compounds that – well – nobody should really work with.

Apple analyst Neil Cybart is predicting a big pivot for Apple.  Not really sure when or exactly what, but his detailed analysis of Apple’s R&D spending is definitely interesting nonetheless.  Go check it out of you’re into that sort of read:

Apple invests heavily in Chuxing, dumping a billion dollars into the “Chinese Uber”.  Is this a sign of things to come or  way to smooth things over with the Chinese government?

At Wendy’s, old fashioned hamburgers may be on the menu, but you might soon be using some new fangled tech to place your order. The fast food company is rolling out self-service ordering kiosks to stores in California and New York – ostensibly ahead of minimum wage hikes – to combat the rising cost of labor.  Do you want fries with that, Hu-man?!

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons for them to be on your “list” – Microsoft has announced they’re going to double the number of “promoted” apps on the Windows 10 start bar in the coming Anniversary Edition update in July.  Oh joy!

Finally… And there’s almost nothing we can say about this and do it justice… Budweiser is rebranding itself to (seriously) – America – for the duration of the election cycle.  So – we guess – go out there and crack open a cold, frosty, can of America?  God help us all…

What we love:

Jeff loved the new Marvel flick: Captain America: Civil War

Jacob loves his Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds:

Ep. 79 – The Soapbox

Ep. 79 - The Soapbox

This week the guys get on their soapbox and dive deeper into politics than anyone wants them do dive (themselves included)! Oh no, how many listeners can they offend and push away in a single show?  We shall soon find out!

Odds ‘n Ends

Check out the amazing Mike Masse & his awesome covers of great music – you can stream him on major sites or check out his YouTube videos at

Here’s the video that went viral & launched his musical career:

And if you’re into covers, you have to check out the amazing cover of Stairway to Heaven by Ann and Nancy Wilson at the Kennedy Center Honors:

And there’s some tech talk and political talk.  All the stuff you’ve come to expect(?) from these jokers.

What we love

Jeff loves his SOG Flash II pocket knife:

Jacob loves his oscillating tool – any oscillating tool will do in a pinch – he says they’re just amazing!

Ep. 78 – Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy TheoriesThis week the guys are puzzled by the fact that there are very few conspiracy theory based podcasts out there.  Jeff and Jacob both love Art Bell’s Coast2Coast, but there appears to be a distinct dearth of other great conspiracy theory content.  Listeners, what say you? What are your favorite alien/spirit/spooky/conspiracy theories podcasts?

There’s a ton of little topics in this week’s show – too many for the guys to even type out (considering that Jacob has been busy ripping his house to shreds for days now… dumb home renovation projects!).  You’ll just have to listen to see what audio gold this episode has in store. Hint, it’s got some politics, Apple (of course!), maybe an Amazon tidbit here or there, and a few other stories!

Here’s a freebie – Jeff wanted a link to pictures of Finn Jones (Netflix’s Iron Fist) playing hacky sack in the street.  Enjoy?

What we love

Jacob loves his Amazon Echo. It’s a magical piece of kit that really does work as well as the commercials would have you believe!  If you’re at all geeky or gadgety, check it out ASAP! You’ll love it.

Jeff loves the podcast: Lore Podcast. Find it at