Ep. 78 – Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy TheoriesThis week the guys are puzzled by the fact that there are very few conspiracy theory based podcasts out there.  Jeff and Jacob both love Art Bell’s Coast2Coast, but there appears to be a distinct dearth of other great conspiracy theory content.  Listeners, what say you? What are your favorite alien/spirit/spooky/conspiracy theories podcasts?

There’s a ton of little topics in this week’s show – too many for the guys to even type out (considering that Jacob has been busy ripping his house to shreds for days now… dumb home renovation projects!).  You’ll just have to listen to see what audio gold this episode has in store. Hint, it’s got some politics, Apple (of course!), maybe an Amazon tidbit here or there, and a few other stories!

Here’s a freebie – Jeff wanted a link to pictures of Finn Jones (Netflix’s Iron Fist) playing hacky sack in the street.  Enjoy?


What we love

Jacob loves his Amazon Echo. It’s a magical piece of kit that really does work as well as the commercials would have you believe!  If you’re at all geeky or gadgety, check it out ASAP! You’ll love it. http://amzn.to/1Y48QsX

Jeff loves the podcast: Lore Podcast. Find it at http://lorepodcast.com

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