Ep. 79 – The Soapbox

Ep. 79 - The Soapbox

This week the guys get on their soapbox and dive deeper into politics than anyone wants them do dive (themselves included)! Oh no, how many listeners can they offend and push away in a single show?  We shall soon find out!

Odds ‘n Ends

Check out the amazing Mike Masse & his awesome covers of great music – you can stream him on major sites or check out his YouTube videos at http://www.MikeMasse.com

Here’s the video that went viral & launched his musical career:

And if you’re into covers, you have to check out the amazing cover of Stairway to Heaven by Ann and Nancy Wilson at the Kennedy Center Honors:

And there’s some tech talk and political talk.  All the stuff you’ve come to expect(?) from these jokers.

What we love

Jeff loves his SOG Flash II pocket knife: http://amzn.to/1T81zXL

Jacob loves his oscillating tool – any oscillating tool will do in a pinch – he says they’re just amazing! http://amzn.to/1Ol0Lun

One thought on “Ep. 79 – The Soapbox

  1. WOWZERS! We were excited that you want to come and visit us, if only to escape Trump. We will put in a good word with the border guards for you ;)
    Much love from Dairee Delite (yes, we ARE as good as those pictures!)

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