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Ep. 83 – WWDC 2016 Round Up

Apple WWDC 2016WWDC Recap

This week Jacob recaps Apple’s 2016 WWDC keynote and gives his analysis of what was said and what it might mean.  And he manages to do it in about an hour – so you could always – you know – just go and watch the keynote yourself in about 2 hours and get the whole effect right from the horse’s mouth.

Or if you’re really crazy about Apple, you’ve already watched the 2-hour keynote and now you’re listening to the first (hopefully) of many podcast recaps, round-ups, discussions, and reading of the tea leaves of what Apple said and – more importantly – what Apple didn’t say!

The keynote was broken down into 4 major topics of discussion:

  • watchOS
  • tvOS
  • macOS (formerly OSX)
  • iOS

It’s not all Apple and developer’s conference coverage – just 98.7% Apple & developer’s conference coverage.  Jacob also gives a follow up to the story from last week where Facebook was accused of using the microphone in your mobile device to listen in and target ads based on things you’ve said.  And he provides his own spooky example – is there something to this “theory” or a more innocent coincidence at play?  If Jeff was here he would probably insist it’s ancient aliens!

For F.O.G.s everywhere…

If you’re a stogie smoker give the iOS app Humidex a look.  It’s a really nicely designed app that lets you track your puros and review, note, and photograph them for future reference.  Plus the developer is super responsive to feedback.  Give it a look at http://humidexapp.com/

What we love

This week Jacob loves his Mr. Beams MB383 Weatherproof Wireless 300 Lumen Lights.  Need a motion-activated light in a spot that’s hard or impossible to run power to?  These do the trick! http://amzn.to/234Y4Wm