Ep. 85 – Disaster level: Waffle House

Ep. 85 - Disaster Level: Waffle House

This week the guys are wielding dual-mobile stories; Android and iPhone! Two will enter, who will win?  Plenty of iPhone and Android guff to keep you all entertained.


How about a GIANT nerf gun?  Rocket Scientist and all-around froody dude, Mark Rober, built a giant Nerf gun that actually fires “darts” over 100 yards!  Check out this video… WANT!

Didja know that FEMA informally uses the status of Waffle House restaurants in disaster-sticken areas as a yardstick for how bad things are?  Yep, they call it the Waffle House Index.  It’s a totally legit measure, too. If Waffle House is closed, you know things have gone sideways in your town! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffle_House_Index

Jeff can’t get enough of things frozen in liquid nitrogen being shattered while filmed in slow-motion.  His latest offering is a WHOLE FREAKIN’ WATERMELON! Go check it out: http://www.wired.com/2016/06/watch-liquid-nitrogen-white-walkerize-watermelon/

Todd is excited to announce that the Sony Xperia X is now available! And you absolutely shouldn’t buy one. It’s underpowered and too expensive, but it has that Sony name. So… you know… good?

Finally, Jacob is delighted to report that 40 people were injured in a firewalking session at a Tony Robbins seminar in Texas.  Well, he’s not excited that people were hurt, but WHY they were hurt.  Apparently more than a few people were burned when they stopped to TAKE SELFIES WHILE STANDING ON THE FIRE! D’oh!

iPhone Rumors

iPhone 7 design appears to be ‘confirmed’ in a double leak. A few weeks ago, two case makers sent cases with identical sizing and features to the media, possibly confirming what the iP7 will look like. Hint – the rumors appear to be true – it’ll look like the 6.

Goodbye Headphone Jack: both the physical cases show no dedicated cutout for the headphone jack on either the top or bottom of the iPhone 7. Instead they confirm a dual speaker arrangement with a more symmetrical design keeping the Lightning port in the middle but allowing for a pair of speakers on either side.

Single Lens, Boosted Rear Camera: The second aspect both leaked case designs separately confirmed is the iPhone 7 will not be getting the dual camera setup of the iPhone 7+. But it will be getting a much larger single rear sensor than has been seen on either the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

Average Android

Todd’s tip of the week: 2-finger drag to the left on notifications to expand them in Android.  Neat!

Todd is excited about a trio of phones from ASUS: the Zenphone 3, the Zenphone 3 Deluxe, and theZenphone 3 Ultra.

The Zenphone 3 is going to slide in at a very budget-friendly $249 with not un-impressive specs.

The Zenphone 3 Deluxe has a flag-ship processor – the same one that’s in the Galaxy S7 – and a whole host of other flagship specs at a pretty reasonable $479 price tag.  Jacob is excited by the prospect of a 23 megapixel f/2.0 camera – assuming it can bring the performance in lower and low light settings.

Finally, the Zenphone 3 Ultra is a 6.8″ phablet at only $499. It also comes with a giant battery that will not only run the device, but can run in reverse so you can charge OTHER things with it.  Very handy when your bluetooth headphones die on you while cutting grass, for example…

What we love…

Jeff loves his Maverick ET-733 Long range Dual probe thermometer.  Plug it in, put it in your grill, and monitor the temp from the comfort of your AC cooled home. Neat! http://amzn.to/292krbJ

Jacob loves his new Hustler Raptor 52″ ZTR lawn mower.  Yeah, it’s big and expensive and overkill for his small yard, but it’s so damn cool! https://www.hustlerturf.com/products/raptor

Todd loves the Android app Nova Launcher.  Jeff and Jacob both agree, it’s the go-to Android launcher for a reason.  Check it out at http://novalauncher.com/

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