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Ep. 86 – Spleen splitters and whisker biscuits

Episode 86 - Spleen splitters & whisker biscuits

This week the guys get ready to celebrate the country’s independence by talking tech!

The rundown

Stories on deck include:

  • What’s the deal with peanut allergies? Scientists think they *might* be able to create GMO peanuts that won’t trigger suffers’ allergies.  Does this finally mean peanuts for all?
  • Autonomous robot battle platforms – are they going to rise up and kill us all?
  • Researchers hack phone vibration motor to act as a microphone – are you safe from a three-letter agency listening to your every conversation?
  • Google Maps on mobile is *finally* adding support for multiple destinations!
  • The election campaigns are heating up: Jeff talks Hillary’s tech platform backing Apple’s positions on encryption, privacy, innovation, patents, education, and more!
  • We finally have an official name for Android N!
  • Walmart is finally starting to test Walmart Pay in lieu of Apple Pay or Android Pay.
  • The new One Plus 3 smartphone is going to be available without an invitation, and it looks like a pretty darn nice phone!

What we love

Jeff loves his new LED solar rope lights: http://amzn.to/29cuWWt

Jacob loves his Leuchtturm Medium Notebook: http://amzn.to/294TxzZ

Todd loves his MPOW Cheetah Bluetooth headphones: http://amzn.to/29ehJkK