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Ep. 94 – Will Carroll

Welcome, Will Carroll

This week the guys bring on special guest, Will Carroll, to discuss doping and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the Olympics, as well as the future of virtual and augmented reality as it could apply to sports gaming in the very near future.

Will is a sportswriter specializing in the coverage of medical issues, including injuries and performance-enhancing drugs. He has written for Baseball Prospectus, Sports Illustrated, Football Outsiders, The Bleacher Report, and Fanduel. Carroll was a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America and the Pro Football Writers Association. He has also authored three books: Saving the Pitcher, The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball’s Drug Problems, and The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries.

The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball’s Drug Problems (2005) won the 2005 Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award. In 2014 Carroll was awarded the MORE Award by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons for his article “Dr. Frank Jobe, Tommy John and the Surgery That Changed Baseball Forever,” published by Bleacher Report on July 17, 2013.

Will joins the show to discuss Jeff’s allegations that the reason the U.S. won so many medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics is that it has the finest and best minds working on undetectable PEDs.  Will brings a thoughtful and thorough explanation of why this really isn’t the case (and even if it were the case, it would be eventually detected and medals stripped retroactively).

The guys also have a really interesting discussion with Will of where VR and AR and gaming with sports as an emphasis is likely to be going in the very near future. Some sports won’t translate well to the VR/AR modality while others will be a much better fit. Could widely accessible, affordable VR systems lead to a resurgence of popularity in baseball on the console?  Could it lead to better training systems for players to create a deeper simulation of standing down that 90mph fastball?

If you want to keep up with Will, follow him on Twitter at @InjuryExpert

What we love:

Will loves his Apple Watch.  What’s not to love with the best-selling smartwatch to date? And being locked into Apple’s eco-system from top-to-bottom makes it so much easier to love:

Todd loves his JBL Synchros S300 on-ear headphones:

Jacob loves the iOS app Friendly Social – a Facebook wrapper that blocks ADs and stops the wicked battery drain associated with the “official” Facebook app:

Ep. 93 – Elephants, Bombs, Ivory, and… Golf balls?

It’s a weird assortment of topics this week.  Panic via mob-mentality ensues at JFK International airport, a dowsing schemes scams Iraq out of – get this – sixty MILLION dollars!

Google is teasing a new OS – codenamed Fuchsia – possibly to bring the Internet of Things even more into our everyday lives?

Jeff can finally revel in his Duck Hunt record-holding-glory – that is if he ever takes the time to go and find his old records.  That’s right – the entire history of Nintendo Power ended up in an online archive that you (yes, YOU) can go search.  Find Jeff’s claim or just relive your childhood… whatev’es.

Yik Yak – the anonymous, location-based chatting service that was crazy popular with high school & college kids a year ago is pivoting to a non-anonymous platform.  Yeah, we don’t see how that could possibly fail to draw in all of the kids who want their “handle” permanently tied to their Yik Yak account.

What we love!

Jeff loves his Sabrent USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Docking Station:

Todd loves the iOS, Android, and web app Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly. A most excellent podcast playing app (and web platform):

Jacob loves his Ooma VoIP device & service:

Ep. 92 – Tired of Pokemon yet?

Sure it’s a running gag at this point, with all of the Pokemon GO talk, but this week the guys actually have a really interesting and insightful look into (and conversation about) the history of Nintendo – where they started and when all the way through their rise to dominance in the game console arena and subsequent fall from the mountain top.  Can they revive themselves again with the current fascination with Pokemon GO and reap the rewards? Come, hear the guy’s take on the topic – they promise it’s actually interesting stuff!

A few of the other topics this week include:

  • Google Maps might soon show parking availability and calculate it’s impact on your arrival times.  Google is doing what they do best and that’s crunching large amounts of data to take average parking availability into account when you use Google Maps to plan your route. They’ll soon be able to advise you when parking might be harder to find than normal & add extra time to your trip to ensure you arrive with enough time to find a spot.  How cool!
  • Facebook announced new, un-blockable ads on their platform and Adblock Plus had them blocked within 48-hours of the announcement.  Facebook has launched a new crusade to ensure that it’s users see ads, but that they’ll be wanted and targeted ads that are actually beneficial to users.  Ad blocking company Adblock Plus quickly sprung into action and – of course – had an update out almost immediately that defeated Facebook’s new scheme; thus sparking a new wave of cat-and-mouse maneuvers between Facebook and ad-blocking products to see who can out-think who.
  • Put your keys in your microwave to prevent auto theft! Police in departments around the country are advising citizens to put their all-electronic key fobs in the fridge, microwave, or other metal box to completely block the RF signal.  High-tech thieves are now using signal amplifiers to make your car think the key is right next to it, when in actuality it’s inside on your counter. The car is happy to unlock itself and let the thieves make off with any valuables within.  Right now there’s not a great solution other than parking inside a garage or making it impossible for thieves to amplify the signal from the fob. So – you know – get yo’self a Faraday cage… or a microwave.

What we love!

Jeff loves his Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub since his Anker started acting weird:

Jacob loves his URPOWER Cell phone clip-on Camera Lens – only $16 on Amazon!

Todd loves the free newsletter “Thoughts From The Frontline” by John Mauldin

Ep. 91 – Bueller?… Bueller?… Anyone?…

The ring-themed sporting event is in full swing and the guys are back to talk a little sports, a little tech, and more!

Using iOS? Love new apps? Check out EasilyDo’s Email for iOS.  It’s a blazing-fast email app that handles Gmail, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, and IMAP.  Exchange support is supposed to be coming out this summer, too.  It’s a pretty slick app, and it’s currently free!

Get your #DadJoke mojo on with and never miss a punny opportunity again!

Remember that “Alien Megastructure” from last year? Scientists speculated that it could be anything from a fluke to a Dyson Sphere. Well it’s back in the news and acting more wonky than ever (yes, that’s a technical term). New research shows the star’s luminosity and power is dipping, and scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out why!

Amazon launches Amazon Prime Air and unveils it’s first cargo plane; Amazon One.  They plan to lease more than 40 planes in total to build their own cargo transportation system to backup their over 4,000 trailers and Amazon Flex which allows vetted individuals to deliver Amazon packages in their own private vehicles.  At what point does Amazon just buy UPS or FedEx and get it over with?

Augmented Reality might be the killer app of the next decade, and we have (largely) Pokemon GO! to thank for that.  AR is a burgeoning technology that is being looked at to not only “catch ’em all” but to help identify counterfeit and fake products and help ensure institutions and individuals are actually getting what they’re paying for.  Researchers including Amazon’s A9 Innovations and the US military are working on AR solutions to identifying legitimate and illegitimate products to help ensure authenticity, but forgers are always one step ahead – so combining extremely advanced techniques including DNA data storage with AR tools is one way these companies are working to stay ahead.

What we love…

Jeff loves his 5K retina iMac:

Todd loves the app Untapped to track his favorite micro-brews:

Jacob loves his North Face Recon backpack:

Ep. 90 – Chris Spangle

This week the guys have on a special guest; Chris Spangle.

Chris is the Digital Director for the nationally syndicated, top rated morning comedy radio show The Bob & Tom Show as well as the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of We Are Libertarians (a podcast that “brings all of the irreverence modern politics deserves”).

The guys have Chris on to discuss creating and running a successful podcast, how new media and technology is integrating with “dying” mediums like terrestrial radio, of course some political chit-chat and more.

To follow Chris, check out his site – We Are Libertarians – at He has a ton of great shows & content online through his network.

Chris’s bio: Chris was raised in Plainfield, Indiana and graduated from Plainfield High School in 2002. He attended IUPUI where he was the College Republicans President during the 2004 elections. While working on Andy Horning’s Congressional campaign in 2004, Horning inspired Spangle to research the libertarian philosophy. Spangle went on to work at Newstalk 1430 AM, WXNT for 5 years as a producer and reporter. During his last year there he was the producer of “Abdul in the Morning,” the premier political talk show in Indianapolis. It was during this time that he witnessed first-hand how broken the two-party system is, although he had been a life-long Republican, he decided to work to grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana and to affect social and political change in a libertarian direction.

He began running the day-to-day operations of the LPIN in October of 2008 and left in December of 2012. During his time as the Executive Director he oversaw the complete overhaul of the LPIN website, expanded their marketing to include social media, implemented the Libertarian training center and the LP 101 website and classes as well as recruited and trained hundreds of Libertarian candidates. He is still heavily involved in the LPIN.

Spangle went on to work in marketing for the Englehart Group, a political consulting and marketing firm in Indianapolis. One of his main clients is the Advocates for Self-Government, the premier libertarian organization giving libertarians the tools to effectively share the message with the general public.

He now works as the web director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

He is the publisher and editor of We Are Libertarians, a news site and podcast that covers national and Indiana politics from the libertarian perspective. He is the founder of WAL Radio Network, which brings you podcasts about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of Free Enterprise Schools, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding school choice. His favorite charity is Rupert’s Kids. Check them out.

Spangle’s view of libertarianism is as follows: “Almost every problem in society can be solved by more freedom and liberty, not less. More specifically, we value Individualism, Individual Rights, Spontaneous Order, The Rule of Law, Limited Government, Free Markets, The Virtue of Production, Natural Harmony of Interests, Peace.”

Spangle resides in Indianapolis, IN with his two cats, Mittens and Cornelius.