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Ep. 92 – Tired of Pokemon yet?

Sure it’s a running gag at this point, with all of the Pokemon GO talk, but this week the guys actually have a really interesting and insightful look into (and conversation about) the history of Nintendo – where they started and when all the way through their rise to dominance in the game console arena and subsequent fall from the mountain top.  Can they revive themselves again with the current fascination with Pokemon GO and reap the rewards? Come, hear the guy’s take on the topic – they promise it’s actually interesting stuff!

A few of the other topics this week include:

  • Google Maps might soon show parking availability and calculate it’s impact on your arrival times.  Google is doing what they do best and that’s crunching large amounts of data to take average parking availability into account when you use Google Maps to plan your route. They’ll soon be able to advise you when parking might be harder to find than normal & add extra time to your trip to ensure you arrive with enough time to find a spot.  How cool!
  • Facebook announced new, un-blockable ads on their platform and Adblock Plus had them blocked within 48-hours of the announcement.  Facebook has launched a new crusade to ensure that it’s users see ads, but that they’ll be wanted and targeted ads that are actually beneficial to users.  Ad blocking company Adblock Plus quickly sprung into action and – of course – had an update out almost immediately that defeated Facebook’s new scheme; thus sparking a new wave of cat-and-mouse maneuvers between Facebook and ad-blocking products to see who can out-think who.
  • Put your keys in your microwave to prevent auto theft! Police in departments around the country are advising citizens to put their all-electronic key fobs in the fridge, microwave, or other metal box to completely block the RF signal.  High-tech thieves are now using signal amplifiers to make your car think the key is right next to it, when in actuality it’s inside on your counter. The car is happy to unlock itself and let the thieves make off with any valuables within.  Right now there’s not a great solution other than parking inside a garage or making it impossible for thieves to amplify the signal from the fob. So – you know – get yo’self a Faraday cage… or a microwave.

What we love!

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